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Best choice on Europe’s rails

No other rail freight company has such a closely meshed network throughout all of Europe and beyond. We make transports better, more efficient and more reliable with customer-oriented and tailored solutions.

Satisfied customers are our main objective. That’s why our some 30,000 employees at locations in 15 countries in Europe ensure high-quality services across all modes of transportation. With 4,200 customer sidings and the largest fleet on the continent, we offer you the best network on Europe’s rails. Nearly sixty percent of DB Cargo’s transport services are pan-European. But that’s not enough to keep us satisfied. New connections now link Lisbon and faraway Shenyang, China, via Nishny-Novgorod, Russia. As a customer, you benefit from top quality and reliability, regardless of the task, complexity or market volatility.

Core products

Our services include Europe-wide innovative transportation and logistics solutions for block train and single car transports as well as combining rail with road haulage and ocean freight. We also offer customized industry solutions tailored to your needs for areas such as the chemicals, mineral oil, disposal, paper, metals and coal, and automotive industries. And with special environmentally friendly services like Eco Plus, we make rail the greenest mode of transportation.


In 2010, we founded Xrail together with six other European rail freight companies to create closer cooperation in cross-border single car transport. The operations alliance has established a new quality standard for European single car transport, playing an important role in strengthening single car transport in Europe. The Xrail network includes economic areas in Scandinavia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Strengthening the European network – operations and sales

High quality and reliability are the focus at DB Cargo, particularly when it comes to long transports through Europe. To achieve this, DB Cargo has networked its operations. Cross-border products, services and operational concepts; central, Europe-wide transport management with origin and destination responsibility; Europe-wide management of vehicle deployment; and technical support for vehicles illustrate the great degree to which the different areas of operations are networked. The network is supported by a customized IT system, which, by 2020, will make it possible for customers to track all of their transports live from door to door.

Perfectly positioned for satisfied customers

DB Cargo designs Europe-wide solutions that are precisely tailored to the widest variety of industries and goods. All of its internal business units share the goal of establishing a truly European network geared toward the needs of our customers.

Our sales employees are at home on Europe’s rails. We have set out to offer you a cross-border network from a single source with consistent customer service for all Europe-wide transports. A closely coordinated, integrated planning process between sales, operations and the customer serves as the foundation. DB Cargo also has a network of partner companies and wholly owned subsidiaries in three European countries.

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