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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

DB Schenker leads new e-freight initiative for Dubai

DB Schenker first to offer electronic cargo documentation for freight to Dubai | New process improves efficiency and security in the supply chain


(Dubai, January 02, 2018)

Leading logistics firm DB Schenker is advancing freight management in Dubai by offering electronic shipment documentation for all freight into Dubai.


As of 2018, shipping documentation can be electronically for import and customs processes in Dubai, eliminating the need for submission of the physical shipping paperwork from overseas.


“The new e-freight option will increase efficiency and speed in cargo import processes for our customers.” says Lal Premarathne, General Manager of Schenker LLC. “In addition, we are able to improve security and control over documentation, keeping full visibility of the documents at all times”.


The initiative has been approved by Dubai customs authority. DB Schenker continues to innovate and improve supply chain and logistics processes for its customers in the region.


Contact information:

Mr. Lal Premaratne

General Manager

Schenker LLC

Dubai Logistics City, DWC

United Arab Emirates

Tel.  +971 4 8879292 (ext. 195)