“Beat the Board 2018”: DB Schenker employees collected EUR 3,500 at the Vienna City Marathon for the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute

21 DB Schenker teams from Austria and Southeast Europe crossed the finishing line at the Vienna City Marathon for a good cause

This marks the fifth time that DB Schenker teams of the “Beat the Board Initiative” demonstrated not just athletic ambition but social commitment as well. On occasion of the Vienna City Marathon, the DB Schenker Board once again called upon DB Schenker staff members to cross the finishing line faster than the Management Board and, by doing so, raise funds for a good cause. This year, 84 motivated employees heeded the call and – raising EUR 3,500 in total – even topped previous amounts collected for the benefit of the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute.

“We take great pleasure in the Beat-the-Board challenge each year and what pleases us even more is the fact that the amount we won by running will again benefit the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute,“ recounted Helmut Schweighofer, CEO of DB Schenker in Austria and Southeast Europe, on occasion of presenting the donation to the renowned Children’s Cancer Research Institute.