IRONMAN 2018: Top athletes once again relying on DB Schenker

Official logistics partner since the inception of IRONMAN Austria • Unique triathlete tracking system for more than 2,500 nutrition packages

IRONMAN Austria, which is one of the year’s most important triathlon events, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 – and DB Schenker is celebrating along with it. This makes sense, as the event’s organizers and athletes have been relying on the knowledge and expertise of the integrated transport and logistics services provider since the very first IRONMAN Austria.

More than 100 DB Schenker experts from all over Austria gathered in Klagenfurt for IRONMAN 2018 on July 1. The specialists were there to manage the extensive logistics involved in supplying the roughly 3,300 triathletes from more than 63 countries who registered to participate in the anniversary event. As is the case every year, the program was grueling: In order to successfully complete the competition, the triathletes had to swim 3.8 kilometers, bike for 180 kilometers, and run a 42.2-kilometer marathon. Along with perfect organization, smooth and error-free logistics were required to ensure the athletes could survive the ordeal in good shape.

DB Schenker offers a service that’s unique around the globe

IRONMAN participants had the opportunity to put together their own individual nutrition packages and then give them to the DB Schenker team before the competition. An electronic tracking system was used during the triathlon to send each athlete’s position to DB Schenker employees, who were then able to hand over the packages to the athletes precisely when they arrived at the transition areas – i.e. absolutely no time was wasted. This DB Schenker service for IRONMAN Austria is unique around the globe.

“We’re proud that we’ve been able to support IRONMAN athletes and organizers for 20 years now,” says Klaus Maximilian Hermetter, Head of the DB Schenker facility in Klagenfurt. “Ever since the first IRONMAN Austria in 1998, we’ve been responsible for ensuring completely smooth logistics for triathlon participants and providing the best possible support to ensure the best athletic performance. The idea is that the athletes should focus exclusively on the competition while we take care of everything else.”