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DB Schenker employee

Quality – The Wise Choice of Many Alternatives

Quality is everything! Imagine sailing a boat that leaks. Imagine a house where the walls don’t quite meet up. Imagine driving a car that doesn’t roll. Sounds awkward, right? Without quality, we have nothing. Without quality we can’t build long-term customer relationships.

Excellence, improvement and breaking new ground is one of the greatest challenges that we would like to tackle together with you.

Our Quality Management teams support us to ensure quality in our operations, transport, and all involved stakeholders. This is where we set out to find good and make it great, so that our company and our customers get the best experience. This is where we start the groundwork of building an organization that ensures top quality services, every time.

So, if you are into details and a perfectionist like us, we recommend that you take a good look at the jobs in this area. You will be able to define quality levels across our organization, develop and improve standard processes to maintain our quality system, and help us comply – and exceed – with national and international standards.

Are you ready to do this?

Who you choose to work with determines the direction and success you’re going to achieve in your career.

This is what makes us a top choice for talent from all around the world. We bring like-minded people together and empower them with the right tools and opportunities to shine bright.

We’re all about working together and creating amazing experiences for our customers. By working with us, you get to:

  • Improve processes and systems
  • Build better ways of delivering excellence
  • Enjoy a good work-life balance
  • Work with leaders in the industry
  • Get support and admiration for your work

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Benefits of working at DB Schenker


We know our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best benefits for them, from competitive salaries to optimal health care offerings and paid leave policies.

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DB Schenker Culture Team

Our Values

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