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    Advanced eServices

  • Our European land transport eServices get your business moving! They help you ship more productively, more sustainably, and with less effort.


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    By registering for DB SCHENKER connect, you get access to our comprehensive and easy-to-use eServices platform which includes a range of digital tools and features that simplify and enhance your shipment process. Whether you need to book, track, schedule, calculate emissions, view invoices, report claims, or get the latest news, our digital platform has it all in one place.

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    Take advantage of all the benefits our digital Booking eService has to offer: Place new booking requests, manage your latest bookings directly, create templates for recurring bookings, and maintain your own address book. The shipment status of your current booking can be easily viewed on your customized dashboard.

    If you are interested in getting a spot offer (without registration), click here.

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    More than just tracking — from basic tracking to advanced searches, our Tracking eService offers both. The advanced setup enables you to view all cargo-related details and documents for your shipment. Additionally, you can download the tracking results, upload documents, and access the signed proof of delivery or ePOD.

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    Invoice Delivery​

    Manage your post-operational business with our Invoice Delivery eService: View, download, and print invoices and documents related to your shipments. You can also request a weekly compilation of invoices that can be downloaded at once. For high-volume customers, the platform can automatically scan and stage the invoices and documents in a ZIP or PDF file for easy retrieval.

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    Optimize you planning processes for European system freight and direct freight shipments: With our Scheduling tool, you can retrieve schedules for all available trade lanes in our extensive European land transport network.

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    Screenshot of DB SCHENKER | connect Emission Calculator.

    Emission ​ Calculator​

    Calculate your carbon footprint for specified shipment contingents and generate ad hoc emission reports with our Emission Calculator. The costs are calculated based on weight, distance, and transport mode using data provided by EcoTransIT.

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    Have you received your shipment and encountered an issue? Utilize our eClaims service to submit new claims, track the status of existing claims, upload documents for new or ongoing claims, and communicate smoothly with our local claims adjusters. Help is on the way!

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    Our information is your news — stay informed with all the latest operational updates specifically tailored to your location through our direct News Bulletin.

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      First things first, log into your account. If you don't have one yet, no worries! It's quick and easy to sign up.

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      Once you're in, let us guide you through your dashboard: Access your eServices and organize your widgets and quick links to match your individual requirements.

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      With just a few clicks you can now book, manage, and track your shipments faster than ever before.

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