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Japan Charity SportsShirt2Work

Cloth for cloth

This 20th October was an extraordinary day for Schenker-Seino colleagues from various locations. They took on color for an important reason, coming to work wearing the shirt of their favorite sports team. For this opportunity, colleagues donated for charitable causes on this special “SportsShirt2Work” day. SS2W

Whether it was a baseball, basketball or our internal Schenker-Seino soccer team, everyone was welcome to come to work with a shirt of the personal favorite sports team. Several thoughts are behind this story: One focus was to create an extraordinary work experience for our colleagues. They should enjoy the last day of the “cool biz” and have free conversations with cross-department colleagues about favorite sports or sports teams. Moreover, on this rare occasion, donations for the Japanese non-profit organization “Japan Relief Clothing Center” which cares about vulnerable people and refugees. Colleagues from various locations welcomed this donation offer. Finally, our colleagues from the Osaka Branch met the Vice President of the Japan Relief Clothing Center to hand over the collected donation. They won all together thanks to this funny yet serious fundraising.