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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

First-hand experience at DB Schenker: International “Supply Chain Day” on April 27

Wide range of occupations • Around 1,000 school-leavers/students gain an idea of the world of logistics at DB Schenker • Tickets still available

Who is ready to ensure that a spare part for an aircraft is delivered within the hour? Who plans the transport route for flower imports so ingeniously that the roses don’t start to flower until they reach the shops? Online trade: Who makes sure that the promised same-day delivery really reaches the customer on time? There is no limit to the challenges that face the logistics business – and the range of occupations is equally diverse.

At “Supply Chain Day” on April 27, 2017, DB Schenker will open its doors to the general public at 13 locations throughout Germany. More than 1,000 school-leavers and students will have the chance to experience the capabilities of the third-largest business sector in Germany and find out about the career opportunities at DB Schenker.

“Digitalization and networking are meanwhile integral elements of the logistics business. The digital revolution will make this sector and its jobs more demanding, but also more attractive. Anyone who opts for a career in logistics today can look forward to an exciting future,” says Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker.

The event will give visitors an initial idea of the highly diverse tasks and activities at DB Schenker. Logistics experts will report on their day-to-day activities, inform potential recruits about the various training options and provide valuable tips for beginning a career. DB Schenker trainees will give attendees a first-hand account of their daily work. Fascinating guided tours and logistics games will round off the program at 13 venues throughout Germany, for instance in Bielefeld, Emden, Essen, Kassel, Cologne, Mannheim, Wuppertal, Leipzig, Hanover, as well as Nuremberg, Erfurt and Augsburg.

DB Schenker will also be staging events in other European countries. The company will hold open-days for would-be recruits at 18 different locations in France alone. Other branches in Belgium, Austria and Hungary will also take part in the one-day event.

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