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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

DB Schenker modernizes fleet in BeNeLux

Recently DB Schenker in the Netherlands and Belgium has  put 21 new Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks into operation for national and  international distribution. Seven vehicles type Actros 1842 LS and 14 vehicles type  Actros 1840 LS were delivered from March onwards. The trucks are equipped with  the latest technology and an energy-efficient engine, ensuring optimum compliance  with the latest requirements for sustainability, road safety and comfort. 

Hans Cleijsen, Transport Manager at Schenker Logistics Netherlands: “In addition to  focusing on sustainability, safety is paramount at DB Schenker, both for the truck  load and our driver. The camera system is set up in such a way that it identifies  suspicious activity around the truck. All trucks are equipped conform the ADR  regulations. We also believe that comfort for our drivers is important. Therefore, the  cabins are comfortably and practically equipped with refrigerator, heater,  comfortable seats and beds, among other things." 

In 2020, the new Actros was named the ‘International Truck of the Year’. One of the  reasons was the use of the Mirrorcam that provides sustainably improved  aerodynamics and safety. "The absence of exterior mirrors on the cabins has many  advantages," explains Hans Cleijsen. "The airstream is not disturbed, which reduces  fuel consumption. Also, the driver has a better free view to the outdoor area." 

Maximum safety is ensured when a person or object is in the blind spot by giving the  driver a signal. The trucks are equipped with various safety systems, such as smart  cruise control with automatic distance control, lane departure and traffic sign  signalling. 

International logistics service provider DB Schenker is continuously strengthening 

its sustainability efforts by modernizing its mixed fleets throughout Europe. Focus is  to reduce energy consumption, innovate and compensate. Earlier this year, DB  Schenker in BeNeLux also added eCanters - electric trucks - to its fleet. During 2021,  a total of 41 DB Schenker eCanter vehicles will be operational in about 20 European  cities.