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  • Khotso sitting on a couch, wearing a headset and looking into a laptop screen

    Khotso on the road to success

    Khotso, Entries Clerk

    It was the summer of 2016 when the world changed for Khotso, as he took a major step by entering our DB SCHENKER Logistics Campus MEA in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Never had he met so many people from different cultures and heard so much new vocabulary in his life. But change has always been something good for Khotso, and it was time to find his wings. Today, he is working in the customs department.

    Khotso wearing a DB SCHENKER shirt looking directly into a camera

    "Challenges are formative – it's what drives me to grow"

    Khotso / Entries Clerk

    Opening doors into a new world 

    Having grown up in an informal settlement outside of Rustenburg in South Africa, Khotso had previously not been exposed to vast cultures. DB SCHENKER Campus MEA created a bridge from his schooling environment into economic activity.

    Graduation picture of Khotso
    His headmaster at college encouraged him to apply to DB SCHENKER and explained the various opportunities a career within logistics could present to him. This conversation ignited a fire inside of him to learn all about logistics. This was his turning point.  / His headmaster at college encouraged him to apply to DB SCHENKER and explained the various opportunities a career within logistics could present to him. This conversation ignited a fire inside of him to learn all about logistics. This was his turning point.  / © DB SCHENKER

    “Before I met DB SCHENKER, my mind was locked inside a box. I knew nothing about logistics, business, and different cultures. It is awesome what the world has to offer, now I feel that my mind has expanded. DB SCHENKER Campus MEA was the entrance to a new world – and this is now everything to me.”

    DB SCHENKER Campus MEA offers wings in the region  

    Khotso completed a two-year learnership program at DB SCHENKER Campus MEA, and soon earned a certificate in freight forwarding and customs compliance. He got the chance to deep dive into the business world and have a look at different DB SCHENKER departments in South Africa. He discovered that his heart lies in customs. He quickly learned the language of the corporate world and adapted to our organization. DB SCHENKER became not only his working environment, but his colleagues have also become friends and family to Khotso. His mother and sister joined the celebration and are very proud of him.

    Khotso is one of the fastest learning, and most hardworking students - probably because he is aiming for a clearly defined target: To become a CEO at DB SCHENKER He has already taken the first step and has applied for the next program at Campus MEA to become a manager. One of his goals is to work in Germany one day.

    Work-life balance - recharging his batteries 

    Music is Khotso's love: he is a self-taught guitarist and established a small pop and RnB band in 2019. He is also a part-time DJ at events. Furthermore, he is very much into sports: He started training towards being a personal trainer in August 2020. Normally he hosts bootcamps at the end of the month, helping other people achieve their fitness goals.

    Khotso wearing headphones, standing behind a DJ booth

    DB SCHENKER Campus MEA was established in 2016, offering a wide range of training including leadership, business unit-related, soft skills, supervisory and managerial. Today, there are 42 learners in freight forwarding and customs compliance, freight handling and supply chain learnership. 

    Impressions of the DB SCHENKER MEA Campus

    You can find out more about the DB SCHENKER Campus MEA here:

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