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Fast Payment Program

We at DB Schenker are proud of the strong cooperative relationships we have established with you, and we consistently seek to further develop and expand these relationships.

Together with Taulia®, we have therefore designed an innovative Fast Payment Program that offers you early payment – at good conditions – for the shipments you transport on our behalf. The best thing about the program is that it’s as simple as can be!

DB Schenker is all about building long-term relationships with you, our customers. Such solid relationships also ensure stability and capacity-planning security for our operations. We know each other and can rely on each other. That’s why at DB Schenker, we develop programs that offer you benefits and therefore make us an attractive partner for your business.

  • Simple
    Signing up is easy – and also free! The program works with all Web browsers and on PCs and smartphones. We send you an invitation, and then you’re ready to get started!
  • Complete control
    Taulia® shows you all of your outstanding receivables from DB Schenker. You always have a detailed overview and can choose which invoices you wish to have paid early. You can even automatically accelerate all payments with just one click.
  • Faster payment
    The Fast Payment Program allows you to receive payment from DB Schenker before the agreed-upon payment deadline – and at good conditions.
  • Secure
    The Taulia® system is equipped with the best monitoring features for ensuring security and privacy. The system complies with all EU data protection directives – with guaranteed 256-bit AES encryption as well. The network is scanned daily in accordance with SOC 2 security standards and also undergoes an annual security audit.

With the Fast Payment Program, you get all your payments for DB Schenker shipping jobs before the agreed-upon payment deadline.

Graphic 1:

Sample calculation

* The interest rates are defined based on a reference rate (i.e. for EUR on EURIBOR) plus the finance margin from Taulia/funder.

How can I sign up?

The DB Schenker Fast Payment Program is open to all transport companies that have registered with and been assessed by the Drive4Schenker platform. Just contact your partner at your local DB Schenker facility or office and find out what you need to do to be able to join the Fast Payment Program..

If you haven’t registered as a transport company, or haven’t yet uploaded your latest company data, we kindly ask that you do so at:

If you need any help with this, please contact our Drive4Schenker Support Team at: