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Own Fleet / Full Load Solutions by LTLD SA

Next to the transport of part and full loads throughout Europe, DB Schenker is also specialized in transport of high-volume goods, i.e. the transport of lightweight and voluminous goods, using our own fleet via our subsidiary LTLD SA.

A few examples of products that we move for our customers as part or full loads:

  • plastic packaging
  • foams
  • tissue paper
  • insulation and damping materials
  • household products
  • advertising and printed products

Our well-trained and motivated staff and a modern, efficient vehicle fleet help us to carry out these tasks. Our fleet consists of about 40 of our own JUMBO articulated lorries, with the following specifications:

  • lorry: 7.30 m x 2.46 m x 3.00 m
  • trailer: 8.15 m x 2.46 m x 3.00 m
  • loading capacity: 38 Euro pallets – 15.2 m stowage area - 115 m³
  • payload of about 21 tons
  • swap-body vehicles
  • can be loaded from the side, from the rear and to some extent also from above
  • load-securing equipment: the vehicles are fitted with stretching frames, anti-slip mats, edge protectors, tensioning straps and ADR equipment

In order to be able to meet future market requirements and to guarantee our customers a high level of service quality at all times, we continually invest in:

  • driver training (driving and safety training, load securing etc. )
  • navigation and telematics systems (GPS, Tracking & Tracing)
  • modern EDP systems to improve the flow of information and exchange of data with our customers.
  • the regular renewal of our vehicle fleet, so as to keep up-to-date technically, but also in order to fulfil ecological and economic requirements.    

Markets / Regions and Service:
We can’t do everything, but what we do stand for quality.  The tasks set by our customers and their particular needs are the challenges we face, thus our international transport movements are based on:

  • our own fleet, with which we serve Germany, Benelux, Austria, parts of Switzerland and also the North and certain other regions of France (amongst others Alsace-Lorraine daily)
  • long-standing partnerships with strong charter companies, who help us to meet our customers’ requirements regarding the provision of loading capacity. These colleagues serve the regions that we cannot reach with our own fleet of vehicles.
  • the entire high-performance Schenker network, through which we can offer collections and deliveries, from smaller consignments right through to full loads, throughout the whole of Europe.
  • we can provide Jumbo swap-bodies to aid loading (higher degree of flexibility; loading outside peak periods with a consequent evening-out of loading schedules).