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Bob Warehouse Operator

Bob helps team members work smarter, not harder

He joined the DB Schenker team six years ago as a temporary worker. He didn’t have any experience in logistics but was eager to learn everything he could about his new industry and career. 

Within 10 months of coming onboard with DB Schenker, Bob was working as a senior warehouse operator for the company. He’s since taken on numerous roles with the company, including operational support, team leader, and operator, his current role.

When there are issues, they send me in to help fix them

Bob Warehouse Operator at jobsite

Bob, Warehouse Operator

He really enjoys the unpredictable aspect of his job, he likes "solving problems, helping others, and lowering the pressure for the entire team". Bob’s responsibilities change constantly, depending on what’s going on in the warehouse at any given moment. He loves to troubleshoot issues, solve problems, and help operations run smoothly. Because of this, he often moves around between different locations.

Virtual Reality and MHE training

Bob is also a virtual reality (VR) forklift driver trainer who provides training for DB Schenker. Unfortunately, this training can no longer take place due to pandemic-related restrictions. He also provides internal training in Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and makes sure that new operators are prepared for their new roles.

“Our new employees often need internal training to get them totally prepared for their new roles,” Bob explains. “Their certificates are expanded upon through our training, which includes both lift truck operation and safety training.”

Optimizing Processes

In his current position, Bob’s biggest challenge is making sure each day goes perfectly, with everything running smoothly and according to protocol. He also helps motivate others to success.

“I want them to get excited about what they’re doing and bring positive energy to the team,” says Bob, who is working on himself, so he is ready for his next promotion. He especially likes the diverse nature of DB Schenker’s workforce. “Every person is different,” he points out. “If we were all the same, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.” 

Bob is always looking for a new way to optimize processes and get things accomplished with less effort.  When he was a senior warehouse operator, he implemented many efficiency strategies on the warehouse floor, where something as simple as the positioning of pallets and cases closer to a packing table has helped the operations save time during the fulfillment process. “I want to make it easier for all our team members,” says Bob, “so that they can work smarter, and not harder.”

Running for a Cause

When he’s away from work, Bob loves to spend time with his family, ride his mountain bike, and participate in athletic events like the Roparun. Every year, an average of 300 teams consisting of 25 people run a non-stop relay race from Paris to Rotterdam in 48 hours to raise money for cancer patients. “In 2020 it was canceled due to the coronavirus,” said Bob, “but team DB Schenker has already signed up for 2021 and hopes it will take place.”