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DB Schenker Employee Jan Truck Driver

Jan crosses Europe with the Golden Truck

Keeping it in the family with our Golden Truck driver Jan van Ierland

Meet Jan van Ierland, who has been delivering excellence at DB Schenker for 33 years. Usually based in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Jan works as a truck driver for DB Schenker – alongside an impressive five members of his family.

Jan was introduced to the world of logistics by his father, whom he used to ride alongside in the truck: a tradition Jan keeps alive today with his own sons. Since then, the Schenker gene has been in the family, with five further relatives also working for DB Schenker, making a total of six with Jan. “The entire family works here!” said Jan proudly, when we asked him about it.

DB Schenker Employee Jan Golden Truck Driver

Despite this, Jan is the only family member on the road; he says it takes certain characteristics to be a truck driver. Jan said these include “resistance to stress when meeting tight deadlines, the ability to handle large responsibilities, and above all – don’t be afraid!"

Touring Europe is “business as usual”, according to Jan, who has been driving throughout the continent for most of his career. He has carried a huge amount of responsibility working for a variety of different customers and projects, including some of Schenker’s top clients. For example, Jan previously helped to provide logistics support for the Dutch National Football team.

Jan’s favorite country is Greece, where he worked for 18 years and has great memories of the people, his colleagues and of course: the weather. When we told Jan we are based in Essen, Germany, he talked with enthusiasm about how much he loves the German Christmas markets. “This is my dream job,” said Jan. “Driving all over Europe, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.”

“Representing DB Schenker while driving the Golden Truck has been a great experience,” said Jan when we asked him about his latest assignment. “I’ve loved all the attention I’ve received on the road and sharing the Schenker story. Not to mention meeting new colleagues and taking selfies with the truck!” So far, Jan has driven through several countries with the Golden Truck, including Finland, Sweden and Belgium, and was on his way to Frankfurt, Germany, when we spoke.

Representing DB Schenker while driving the Golden Truck has been a great experience.

DB Schenker Career Truck Driver

Jan van Ierland

Overall, we had a great time talking to Jan – he’s easy-going, entertaining and has a great sense of humor. When Jan told us he will retire in four years, we asked him what he hoped for during his remaining time at DB Schenker. His answer? “I don’t want anything to change,” he said. “I’ve found my dream job, and I want to continue doing what I do best.”

Jan, thanks for the great chat – and thank you for everything you do for DB Schenker. If you were lucky enough to meet Jan while he was the driving the Golden Truck, we hope you enjoyed his company as much as we did. If he’s still coming in your direction – get ready to say hello!