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DB Schenker Trainees VR Technology

Nell and David jumpstart their careers with an apprenticeship in logistics

Two trainees offer a glimpse behind the scenes of their training in Leipzig

As an international logistics company, DB Schenker offers numerous opportunities for its employees to productively participate in shaping the company. For Nell Urbanski and David Schultheiß this was the case straight from the beginning of their education. They are in the first and third year of their apprenticeship at DB Schenker ‘s Warehouse in Leipzig. Here they run through different areas and positions relevant for their future career as logistic specialists.

There are so many different appealing and complex work areas, I never would have guessed.

DB Schenker Nell Apprenticeship Logistics Specialist

                                                                             Nell Urbanski - Employee at DB Schenker

Shaping their career start together

When Nell visited a vocational training fair in Leipzig in 2017, she gained information on training opportunities at DB Schenker. A two-day internship in the warehouses and the logistics center offered a convincing insight and not long after, Nell began her apprenticeship. “Before I started my training, I had no idea what the work would be like for me. I could only think of a large warehouse, heavy male labor. But there are so many different, appealing and complex work areas and departments in Leipzig, I never would have guessed.”

DB Schenker Employee David Apprenticeship Logistics Specialist

For David it was very important that the training company of his choice promotes advanced education and employee development. “I definitely associated this with the industry’s big player DB Schenker and absolutely found it”, he says. From work safety and hazardous goods training to forklift-permit or time-stress-management - taking part in further education programs is an integral part of Nell’s and David’s apprenticeship.
DB Schenker Trainees VR Technology

Part of the training’s regular schedule are the courses at vocational college. Apart from theoretical basics, the students learn a lot of practical information and there is even an extra warehouse where subject matters relevant to exams or tests are taught. David’s training supervisor makes every effort to ensure that the learning outcomes of the vocational school overlap with the different practical stations.

On a monthly basis the trainees get together to do some practice rounds on the fork-lift or repeat and consolidate content from vocational college. This direct exchange is very important to DB Schenker. Together with their trainers, David and Nell can exchange opinions about what took place during the past few weeks and shape their work together. As a direct contact, every trainee, such as Nell, always has a godfather from the older courses at their side.

It's a lot about talking to people and how to sort things out in the team. You have so many options - the work is complex and varied with a mix of activities both in the warehouse and in the office.

DB Schenker Employee Training

                                                         David Schultheiß - Employee at DB Schenker

Lots of movement in a workday

David likes to be in the warehouse and talking directly to his colleagues. As a trainee in the third year of training, he has already completed all departments and areas of warehouse logistics. Incoming goods, sample packaging, initial entry, stock control, goods issue. In the 'Intern Transport' section, David tells, the day starts at 8:00 with a meeting in the department. Here, he and his training officer also discuss what is due for the day, and David, for example, takes over the control of the trucks, which he assigns to the current transport orders.

DB Schenker Trainee David Schultheiß

In 'Incoming Goods', Nell works the morning shift from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm. This shift begins with a team meeting and information about the expected trucks and load of the day. Movement is program. Nell welcomes the truck drivers heading for the hall and takes their documents for review. She checks the intactness of the goods in the truck and organizes a forklift driver for unloading. The specified containers are checked for completeness and booked by the administrator so that the forklift drivers can store the cargo. Receiving Administrator is Nell's preferred position out of those she has inhabited so far. David likes the control of the residues, the so-called "Keering", the best. This systemic lock is effective when, for example, a load has the wrong weight and needs to be tested.

 DB Schenker Trainee Nell Urbanski

"I couldn’t dream of a better training"

Working in such a big business, it's important for David that he and his colleagues pull and work together. This team spirit, familiar to him from sports, is what David takes away from his workday at DB Schenker. Once a year DB Schenker organizes a  European football tournament, which, in David’s view, particularly shows the family structure of the company.

Nell also appreciates this as a singularity in such a large company. She knows that she has many opportunities at DB Schenker and that she receives a lot of trust. To be part of a team in which she feels well integrated and supported is very important to her. "You can rely on one another in a team and always find a person to contact for problems." She made the experience that feedback is desired and also directly requested, especially in terms of process optimization.

In all the departments David has been so far, he experienced a great openness for suggestions regarding improvement and contributing his own perspective. "I couldn’t dream of a better training. I enjoy going to work with a positive mindset."

DB Schenker Employees Nell Urbanski and David Schultheiß

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