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DB Schenker helps with transport of medical supplies in Bulgaria

The Logistics Coordination Centre of the National Crisis Staff is partnering with DB Schenker by entrusting the logistics provider with an important task related to the first shipment of medical supplies from China, purchased by the Bulgarian government. DB Schenker handles the import customs clearance and the goods transportation from the Sofia Airport to distribution locations in the capital city. This portion of personal protective equipment is a part of the ordered quantities under a total of three contract agreements concluded between the Bulgarian state and the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Corporation for Foreign Trade.

DB Schenker Philippines Hospital Medical Supplies

Already in the first days of the COVID-19 crisis, DB Schenker management in Bulgaria openly expressed readiness to assist with transport, logistics and other related services in moving equipment and medical supplies.

“We are honored to be a part of this large-scale organization and coordination of activities to supply hospitals in the country with safety materials, equipment, COVID-19 tests, etc. In a pandemic situation, it is necessary for all of us to join efforts in responding to the challenges facing our society. A big Thank You to all our teams who are always willing to take part and are so diligent in their work. We at DB Schenker can help with what we do best: transport and logistics,” comments Zoran Lazoroski, Managing Director of DB Schenker in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

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The late-night flight on 16th of April, which was chartered by Bulgaria under the framework of NATO's strategic airlift program, delivered 166 cubic meters of protective equipment and additional quantity of 50 cubic meters, donated by the Chinese side. The cargo was welcomed at the airport by Health Minister Kiril Ananiyev, Ambassadors of the People's Republic of China- Dong Xiaojun, and of the United States- Herro Mustafa, as well as Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, head of The Logistics Coordination Centre of the National Crisis Staff.