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We are adapting our schedules according to the seasons: As many people are spending the days off between Holidays and the New Year at home with their families, we assume the transport volume to decrease. Special driving regulations e.g. due to driving-bans on holidays for trucks or non-predictable weather conditions will make it necessary to adjust our schedules.

Holiday period from 23.12.19 to 03.01.2020 for Bulgaria

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We are there for you when it counts!

You need a European just-in-time delivery right before the holidays? Here is your solution ... you can count on our top time-definite options for DB SCHENKERsystem premium. We give you a high degree of reliability for the high season!
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*The guarantee shall be limited to a money-back-promise: If the shipment is not delivered within the agreed lead time, DB Schenker shall therefore reimburse the net fee without surcharges paid by the customer to DB Schenker for specific shipment. This shall not apply if the sender or recipient is responsible for the late delivery and in case of force majeure. Availability of Premium 10 and Premium 13 might be restricted in some areas. Please check with your nearest DB SCHENKER branch.