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Innovation and Digitalization
Innovation is about looking beyond the existing. Challenging the status quo. Develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.
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Your experts for logistics in Bahrain

World Ocean's Day – DB Schenker in Oman and Oman Sail partner for an ocean clean up

About World Ocean’s Day

Did you know that over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year for use in a variety of applications, and of this, approximately 8 million tons end up in the oceans making up 80% of all marine debris? Even more alarming is that some researchers predict that the amount of plastic trash that flows into the ocean will nearly triple by 2040, to 29 million metric tons. Many of us are aware of these scary statistics and facts, and it is now time for action.

Today is World Oceans Day, a day for people around the world to stop and inform themselves about the wonder that is our oceans, celebrate and honor our oceans through conservation, and raise awareness for their protection. Today is a day where we should all ask ourselves, what can I do to make a change?

One team one goal, under the sea

DB Schenker is committed to being a Sustainability Leader – our goal is to lead our industry in driving climate action. As a large global business, we have a big responsibility for the good of current and future generations. We are therefore extremely proud of our colleagues at DB Schenker in Oman (formally known as Schenker Khimji's LLC), who, in collaboration with our partner Oman Sail, undertook an exciting initiative not only to raise awareness for local ocean conservation but also to revive the marine flora and fauna in the Gulf of Oman. The team – including a representative from the Environment Society of Oman – conducted a deep-sea dive to clean up discarded fishing nets on 4 May, removing approximately 188 kgs of old fishing nets stuck deep within the coral reefs of the Dimaniyat Islands. Fishing is a big industry for many locals in Oman. However, as in many parts of the world, a by-product of this industry is that many fishing lines and nets are often discarded or lost in the ocean, harming the life within. As a result, Oman Sail plans to begin monthly clean-ups and offer willing divers reduced diving rates to encourage them to participate.

"Taking inspiration from our work values, "one team one goal", I am glad we could conduct this underwater clean up with a partner like Oman Sail - who is very passionate about conserving Oman's pristine marine resources – and the Environment Society of Oman. Together, we not only removed fishing nets from a part of the Dimaniyat Island nature reserve, but we were also able to rescue a fish stuck in them. And mind you, all done in a COVID-free environment!" Richard Van Schie, Managing Director DB Schenker Oman (formally known as Schenker Khimji's LLC)

"We are delighted to partner with DB Schenker to take part in an underwater clean-up initiative to support a cause that is close to our hearts and reflects Oman Sail's firm commitment to environmental conservation. The event was a huge success, with a joint team of divers and snorkellers collecting an incredible amount of fishing debris from the sea, including 188kg of fishing nets. This initiative is a great start that will hopefully inspire a wider collective action to save the marine environment." Dr Khamis Al Jabri, Oman Sail CEO

Here are some highlights of our clean up drive, check it out!

Our environment, its wildlife and resources are finite, their protection is the responsibility of us all. The current pandemic makes it difficult for many of us to gather in activity to mark this day, however this should not stop any of us from joining forces with our friends, families and colleagues all over the world, to start creating a better future for us all. This World Ocean's Day, we urge all of you to make a commitment to taking action in any way you can, for the conservation of our oceans. Whether you decide to lace up your sneakers and Run for the Ocean , clean up a beach (even a park) near you, eliminate single use plastic in your home or support your local organizations activities. Let this be your year of action!