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DB Schenker Adds Electric Trucks to its Runway Product Fleet in Brazil

As the first logistics provider in Brazil to use electric trucks, DB Schenker helps increase awareness of environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the global luxury goods supply chain.

DB Schenker is the first global logistics provider in Brazil to use electric trucks to deliver luxury goods in the country. Part of DB Schenker’s Runway Product, an upscale logistics and transportation offering for luxury retailers, the first truck is now on the road and more will be added in the coming months.

With a dedicated fashion desk staffed with more than 70 professionals, delivery personnel that wear sustainable uniforms, and a diverse team of drivers that includes both women and men, the Runway Product was launched in 2021. As part of its overall, global commitment to sustainability, DB Schenker immediately began planning for the addition of electric trucks to its Runway Product fleet.

“Our customers are paying more attention than ever to environmental and sustainability initiatives and count on their Logistics Provider to support their efforts to be greener” said Luís Marques, CEO DB Schenker Brazil. “We, at DB Schenker, are very pleased that our Sustainability Initiatives are providing our customers the positive impacts they expect on their supply chain solutions.”

While adding new electric vehicles to its fleet, DB Schenker is also using sustainable uniforms, hiring more female delivery drivers, and offering more services like store-to-store delivery options for customers in the fashion and luxury retail industry. “With companies moving product between their retail locations,” said Andre Aragao, National Key Account Manager, VM Fashion and Retail, “we expect to see high demand for this service in the coming months.”

DB Schenker Brazil recently welcomed its first customer for a new fashion warehouse designed specifically for luxury brands. The space is currently being renovated and styled to reflect the brand itself, and includes a clothing-hanging area, temperature-controlled space and a high degree of security and surveillance.

Looking ahead, Aragao said DB Schenker Brazil’s goal is to run an entirely electric fleet of vehicles for its luxury brand customers, overcoming the limited infrastructure that supports this kind of equipment like EV charging points.

“We want everyone to be able to do their part in creating more environmentally-friendly transportation options and a more sustainable supply chain overall,” Aragao said. “This is yet another example of how DB Schenker takes global actions while also staying committed to taking socially-responsible actions at the local level.”

About DB Schenker Americas
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