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HR-Career News | Diversity awareness and Unconscious bias training

Diversity awareness & Unconscious bias training for the Global Steering Committee (GSC) members took place in April 2017

Diversity is an important topic that we want to develop and improve. We want to strengthen equal opportunities for all our employees, promote success, celebrate differences, show that we can be unique – not like everybody else – and be successful.

One of the initiatives to tackle Diversity is the Diversity awareness and Unconscious bias training, that was conducted for the GSC members.

During the Workshop: The GSC members together with Debbie Bayntun-Lees During the Workshop: The GSC members together with Debbie Bayntun-Lees (Trainer from Ashridge Executive Education; on the left side)

The training was not a lecture it was a practical learning experience that allowed the participants to share the opinions, discuss, argue, question various aspects of Diversity and gender balance.

The participants learned about benefits of diverse teams and organizations and in working groups they discussed ideas on how to increase and develop especially the female headcount within DB Schenker. Topics like - expectations management, work and life balance, part time leadership, short and long lists for recruiting, systematic approach to increase the pipeline, etc. were discussed and argued in detail.

Unconscious bias was one more aspect of the training and via some videos and examples it was interesting to see and experience how people tend to “jump” to automatic conclusions and how “automatic thoughts” are influencing us in the back of our mind and leading us to beliefs and actions we usually do not think twice.

It was impressive to see the open-minded spirit of the participants and to follow their interesting discussions regarding this opportunity to develop our company. The involvement of the participants clearly showed us, that we are on the right track. To strengthen the training all the participants came up with their individual commitments in the field of Diversity that they will follow up with, when they are back in their immediate working environments. We believe that the continuity of intentions and actions is a crucial element on having Diversity targets achieved.

Diversity awareness training will be organized and cascaded down throughout the whole organization by a train-the-trainer concept and e-learning.