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2022 CBSA CUSTOMS TARIFF CHANGES - Effective Jan 1 2022

On January 1st, 2022, amendments to the Harmonized System (HS) nomenclature by the World Customs Organization (WCO) will enter into force.

The updated version of the 2022 Customs Tariff (T2022-1) contains 351 sets of amendments covering a wide range of goods throughout multiple chapters. These are triggered by various factors to account for environmental concerns, technological advancements and innovation, health and safety considerations, food and agriculture and changes in global trade.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has provided a Statistical concordance table at the 10-digit level in Microsoft Excel format, listing out all of the affected HS classification codes changes from 2021 to 2022 Customs Tariffs.

2022 Customs Tariff Key Changes


Chapter Description

Impact Sector

Some Key Commodities Impacted

Chapter 04

Dairy produce; birds' eggs; natural
honey; edible products of animal
origin, not elsewhere specified or

Food and

• Edible insects (new subheading 0410.10)

Chapter 07

Edible vegetables and certain roots and

Food and

• Mushrooms (under heading 07.09) – new subheadings

Chapter 08

Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit
or melons

Food and

• Pine nuts (under heading 08.02) – new subheadings

Chapter 16

Preparations of meat, of fish, of
crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic
invertebrates, or of insects

Food and

• Inclusion of the word “insect” in subheading 1601.00

Chapter 29

Organic chemicals


• Chemicals or acyclic hydrocarbons’ derivatives (under
heading 29.03) – new subheadings

Chapter 30

Pharmaceutical products

Health and

• Placebos and clinical trial kits (new subheading 3006.93)
• Cell cultures and cell therapy (new subheading 3002.51)

Chapter 38

Miscellaneous chemical products

Health and


• Rapid diagnostic kits (3822.11 and 3822.12)
• Mixture of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) - (new heading (38.27)
• Note 7 of Chapter 38 defines the term “biodiesel” (38.26).

Chapter 44

Wood and articles of wood; wood


• Tropical agriculture and silviculture products – several new

• Wood briquettes (new subheading 4401.32)

Chapter 70

Glass and glassware


• Glass fibres and articles thereof - new subheadings

Chapter 73

Articles of iron or steel


• Certain steel tubes under Chapter 73 – new subheadings

Chapter 76

Aluminum and articles thereof


• Aluminium composite panels under Chapter 76 – new

Chapter 84

Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery
and mechanical appliances; parts


• 3D printers (under heading 84.85) – new heading
• Metal forming machinery (under heading 84.62) – Several
new subheadings

Chapter 85

Electrical machinery and equipment
and parts thereof; sound recorders and
reproducers, television image and
sound recorders and reproducers, and
parts and accessories of such articles


• Electrical and electronic waste and scrap (new heading

• Smartphones (new subheading 8517.13)
• Electronic cigarettes and similar personal electric
vaporizing devices (new subheading 8543.40)

Chapter 87

Vehicles other than railway or tramway
rolling-stock, and parts and accessories


• Partial and fully electrical heavy-duty vehicles (under
heading 87.04) – New subheadings

Chapter 88

Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof


• Unmanned aircraft (Drone) – (under new heading 88.06)

Chapter 90

Optical, photographic,
cinematographic, measuring, checking,
precision, medical or surgical
instruments and apparatus; parts and
accessories thereof


Mass spectrometers (under subheading 9027.81) – new

• Other [instruments and apparatus (under subheading
9027.89) – new subheading

Advance and National Customs Rulings

Any importers who may currently hold an advance ruling or national customs ruling for tariff classification or origin,
should be advised that it may not be valid as of January 1st, 2022 when the 2022 Customs Tariff comes into effect.

“Where the tariff classification and/or the origin (when applicable) of the goods subject to a ruling may be impacted, the
CBSA strongly recommends that ruling recipients submit a request for validation of a ruling to the CBSA.”
(CBSA CN 21-20)

What Should Importers Do?

  • Review the 2022 Customs Tariff changes and identify if any of your goods are impacted (see Concordance table)
  •  Contact Schenker and communicate which commodities and HS code changes are affecting your imports, so we can update our commodity database for future shipments in 2022.
  • Determine if you have any CBSA HS rulings, which could be affected by the HS changes and contact Schenker’s Consulting team to help you obtain a revised ruling.

How can Schenker help?

  • Analyze your imports to see if the goods you have imported are affected by the HS changes and update our records accordingly.
  • Help you classify your products with correct HS classification in compliance with CBSA
  • Assist you to update your existing Advance/National Customs Rulings with CBSA or obtain new ones.
  • Assess your goods and HS classification changes against any Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and certificates requiring updates.
  • Submit any FTA duty refund opportunities to CBSA


Email your Key Account Manager (KAM) or Schenker’s Client Services team at

Contact our Consulting team at

Download: 2022 CBSA CUSTOMS TARIFF CHANGES_Effective Jan 1 2022