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Education & Practical Experience To Advance Your Career

When studying isn't enough for you, consider joining us on our integrated studies program. This is where you experience the professional world while learning about it from the books, as well as on-field experts! This is where you embrace the challenges that step in your way and solve them by bringing together your practical and theoretical knowledge.

If you’ve got a talent for taking on practical challenges, then this dual study program is for you. If you wish to increase your experience and practical knowledge while studying, then this program is for you. If you wish to become a part of something worthwhile during the early stages of your career, then these opportunities are waiting for you!

Our integrated studies programs allow you to gain a competitive advantage in the logistics industry and look at things happening, products moving, and projects being completed, as you continue your education.

The integrated studies program is where you kick off your academic career and work in the logistics industry with us. Sound like something you would be interested in?

Don’t wait! Become part of our team to let your enthusiasm and our experience help you acquire the right skills! 

Are you ready to do this?

Whether you're looking for a head start or a workplace that gives you a sense of belonging – look no further!

We are the right choice for you. We believe in developing talent early on and helping you increase the chances of outstanding growth in the future.

We work closely with educational institutions to offer a holistic integrated study program which will accompany and develop you during your academic journey with real-life practical experience. 

While working with us, you will get a chance to:

  • Get hands-on experience at an early stage of your career
  • Get the right blend of practical experience and theoretical structure
  • Meet new people, and form bonds like never before
  • Gain support and mentorship from industry experts
  • Add experience to your professional portfolio

Dual Study Program

During the duration of the program GENEXT@DB Schenker, you will be working in all major business areas of our company. Plus, optional missions abroad give you an insight into our international corporate culture.

Every year on 1 August, we offer a dual degree in logistics management (EUFH Brühl or Neuss) and International Management for Business and Information Technology (IMBIT) (DHBW Mannheim) at our head office in Essen.

If you want to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, we give you the opportunity to do so in one of our two courses as a GENEXT student: Logistics Management and international management for Business and Information Technology

In the Logistics Management course at the European University of Applied Sciences Brühl or Neuss, you will be thoroughly familiarized with all aspects of logistics. In addition to the logistics functions within a company, the branch-specific requirements for logistics and modern logistics technologies are at the fore of the course.

Students will get a broad spectrum of economic science subjects, focusing on logistical topics and supplemented by foreign language and personality traits. The lectures are held in German.

An integral part of the dual study program is the provision of an international theory phase at one of the EUFH partner universities. Additionally, you have the opportunity to complete an internship at one of our foreign subsidiaries abroad.

At the end of the course Logistics Management at the EUFH you acquire the "Bachelor of Arts". 

One of the main focuses of the course "International Management for Business and Information Technology" is the area of business informatics. Much of what is involved with the development, use, evaluation or further development of company information systems is mediated in the study course. Particularly, the course focuses on business studies as a basic prerequisite for dealing with company information systems in practice. IMBIT also teaches students about intercultural knowledge, behavior and management. The course comprises approximately 40% economic science content, approximately 40% business-related informatics, and approximately 20% content on intercultural management. At the end of the course "IMBIT" at DHBW Mannheim you will acquire the "Bachelor of Science". After successfully completing the dual-study program, students can later apply to DB Schenker's exciting, entry-level opportunities in international environments.

Areas of practice

Possible stages during the practical phases in both courses can be as following:

  • Contract Logistics / SCM
  • Key Account Management / Sales
  • Land Transport
  • Air & Ocean Freight
  • People and Organization
  • IT
  • Finance

You can help shape your practice through our flexible training.

After successful completion, we offer interesting, varied and responsible entry-level opportunities in an international environment.

The following requirements must be met for dual studies:

  • Very good German knowledge
  • A good general university entrance qualification or very good university entrance qualification in an economic area
  • Good knowledge of MS Office
  • Very good English knowledge

Sounds interesting? Apply via our job market.

Do you have any questions? We are here to help and give advice on any topics.

We look forward to receiving your call/email!

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