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DB Schenker Culture Team

Shared values are key to our success

Our company culture contributes to our ongoing success and serves as a foundation for our very own DNA.
We create a work environment based on developing high-quality solutions for our customers and setting international benchmarks today for efficient logistics of tomorrow. At DB Schenker, six company values underpin the longstanding successful partnerships our people have developed, and our long-term goals for the future.

A woman wearing a safety vest and helmet speaking into a walkie talkie, colleagues and a harbor in the background

Walk the talk

Each of us takes ownership of and pride in the work we deliver, the value we create, and the role we play in making the world more sustainable.

Two men in yellow west standing in a warehouse shaking hands

Be one team with one goal

We know we perform best as a team. We challenge each other and ourselves to do better and aim higher every day.

Two men in orange jacket talking to each other, one of them sitting at the wheel of a bus

Be honest

We are candid and fair with each other, show consideration for one another, and embrace our diversity across the world.

A woman wearing a safety jacket using VR glasses

Push limits

We look beyond the existing and ask ourselves, “Is there a better or faster way?” – sparking innovation that moves our customers and industry forward.

Two men and a women situated at a table talking

Take customers further

We put our customers at the heart of our business, providing the highest quality to address their challenges today and proactively developing new solutions for tomorrow.

Man holding a glas globe in his hand

Play fair with people & planet

We put our people and planet at the center of everything we do. As an organization, we own our social responsibility to better our world for our people, our customers, and future generations alike.


We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it further more.

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We know our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best benefits for them, from competitive salaries to optimal health care offerings and paid leave policies.

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