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Frequently asked questions

Connect 4 air is a digital platform developed for connecting you to the world of Air logistics. It includes the following features:

1. Get an instant quote:

With only a few clicks, you will receive a binding rate, a schedule, and a door-to-door transit time instantly

2. Place booking online:

The tool enables you to book the shipment in just a few minutes

3. Track all your shipments:

We ensure end-to-end visibility along your supply chain and provide full transparency

Every business customer/company can use connect 4 air. Hence, you need a valid VAT number for booking with us. Unfortunately, we cannot serve shipment request from consumers and private customers without a VAT number.

Yes, we do. We are in the process of developing three separate platforms: Land, Ocean, and Air, and we plan to merge all three to one platform in the future. If you have ocean freight or land transport shipments, visit

- Connect 4 ocean

- Connect 4 land

or have a look at our integrated landing page

to book your shipments online.

The minimum supported browser versions are

Internet Explorer(11.0+), Edge (40.0+), Firefox (31.0+), Chrome (39.0+), Opera (23.0+), Safari (8.0+).

In case of a white screen, please delete the Cache of your browser.

Today, connect 4 air already includes various shipment destinations. Currently we are working on the expansion of our trade lane coverage, so more export and import destinations will follow in the near future. In the meantime our customer service is looking forward to providing you with an adequate quote. Please contact us via

You can easily request a customized quote for dangerous goods cargo and many other non-standard goods on connect 4 air. Just follow the steps on the screen and our customer service will get in contact with you for further support and instruction.

For pickup at your door, the cargo ready date is the date you should have your cargo ready to be picked up by us.

In case you decide to deliver it to the airport by yourself, the cargo ready date is the date where you should provide your cargo at the agreed drop-off location at the airport.

Request your quote through our website today without a log in!

To book and track your shipment and to take advantage of other features, a registration is mandatory.

Simply click on “Forgot password?” or “Forgot SIMS ID?” on the “Sign in” page. Then enter your email address and we will send you a message to reset your password.

Our customer service will get in contact with you shortly after you have submitted the booking.

In case of any queries about your shipment, or if you want to change your shipment details, please contact us via the button below to access the “My shipments” site on connect 4 air. Your dedicated customer service team will then reach out to you.

Both incoterms do not include a transport insurance of your cargo. If you are interested in an insurance, our customer service is happy to help you selecting the right one for your shipment. Of course, you can also choose a local transport insurance company by yourself.

The USCI Number(Unified Social Credit Identifier) is the local Chinese VAT registration number.

The Customs Registration Number is the identification number in all customs procedures that is needed to exchange information with Customs administrations. In Europe for example, it is the EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification).

Shipments declared as “secured” can be onboarded without further security checks but require the shipper’s special status of a “known consignor.” All other normal shipments need to run through security checks before boarding and are considered as “unsecured.”

Safety in air freight transport is of highest priority. To fulfill security standards, the packaging of your cargo needs to be tamper-proof. To make sure to meet the mandatory requirements, you can check with the following questions:

Could somebody potentially access the contents of the shipment?

Are there any slits, holes or any other openings? In case of any unsealed spots, the airlines reserve the right to refuse the shipment of your freight.

Other than that mentioned, your freight has to withstand various types of stress. Keep in mind that your shipment might be subject to acceleration, deceleration, vibration, bumping, and other physical impacts during transport.

According to your demands and potential regulations for certain goods, choose the suitable packaging material.

Our customer service is happy to help you with your packaging questions anytime!

In case of the unlikely event of a failed delivery or damage of your shipment, please use the contact button in the ‘My Shipments’ area of the connect 4 air website to get in contact with your dedicated DB Schenker operations team.