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Your Customs Service Partner for all customs clearances, training and consulting

Manuela Neeb
Head of Customs

Schenker Switzerland
Headquarter Zürich
Customs Competence Center
Allmendstrasse 5
8422 Pfungen
Tel.: +41 58 589 52 52
Mobile +41 79 787 24 08

Schenker Switzerland Ltd. offers its customers its own customs competence center, which supports and advices our customers in all customs matters and also all our branches internally.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Professional support in all customs matters from all branches
  • Training offers for a better understanding of customs issues
  • Analysis, design and implementation of IT solutions for faster customs process handling
  • Reduction and minimisation of customs risks

We are AEO and at all locations our employees use electronic and manual procedures provided by customs. Together with our customers, we develop individual IT solutions for Swiss import and export customs clearance, also with duty drawback.

DB SCHENKERcustoms basic
Our basic package enables you to clear your goods at our ZE locations (domestic branches) in Switzerland.

DB SCHENKERcustoms border
Our trained specialists prepare the necessary documents and ensure smooth handling of your consignments at the border.

DB SCHENKERcustoms dedicated
Customised solutions for more complex or extended requirements. Under this product group, we offer more extensive customs services, such as customs clearance at item level, fiscal representation, special manual customs procedure and similar.

DB SCHENKERcustoms complete
We analyse your business model in advance and design a customised customs solution. With this package, we take over the entire process for you from receipt of the notification to the return transmission of the VAT data, including all desired additional services, if necessary also from a central point.

DB SCHENKERcustoms consulting
As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), we guarantee all security and customs standards. Whether on site at your company, at one of our branches or at an external venue, we offer expert advice from our own customs competence center. This covers all questions relating to customs in Switzerland.

Contact for general questions about our products

Schenker Switzerland Ltd.
Rautistrasse 77
8021 Zürich
Tel.: +41 58 589 56 00

Competent staff in our border offices in Basel (BWA) and Thayngen ensure that EU customs clearance is handled smoothly.

EU fiscal representation

With our subsidiary SW-Zoll-Beratung GmbH in Germany, we have the necessary prerequisites to offer you fiscal representation and the associated work such as:

  • to take care of the turnover tax obligations for you in Germany
  • preparing and submitting the declaration of Tax
  • submitting the recapitulative statement
  • making the necessary records
  • submitting the Intrastat and other messages

Your benefit with EU customs clearance / fiscal representation:

The delivery from Switzerland is treated the same as a delivery from the EU area. There are no competitive disadvantages for CH exporters to the EU compared to EU suppliers.

Fast, inexpensive and flexible delivery due to the elimination of import customs clearance in the European destination country. The goods are in free circulation as soon as they enter the Community.

No immediate capital provision costs for the recipient/buyer and possibility to pay as purchase tax at a later date.

Transit time to various countries may be shortened as after EU customs clearance the goods are freely available for delivery in the EU country of destination.


Shipment of the goods required to the consignee in the country of destination, immediately after EU customs clearance. It must be possible to prove the shipment in that way. If the goods remain in the first EU country of entry, the EU customs clearance procedure may not be applied.

The exporter must have a VAT identification number, i.e. he is registered for VAT purposes in the EU country of entry or he authorises a fiscal representative and can use his VAT number in the EU country of entry.

The exporter has a VAT number and EORI number.

The recipient has a VAT identification number (Ust-ID) and a EORI number.

With Schenker you only have the option of sending your shipment in case of EU customs clearance with Incoterm "DDP".

EU customs clearance is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Warranty cases
  • Free deliveries, all transactions free of charge
  • Contract processing and repair traffic
  • Deliveries under a contract for work and services
  • Intra-Community acquisitions (purchases)
  • Triangular transactions and 3-tier series transactions

Latest Brexit news from Schenker Switzerland and customs authorities here.

03.12.2021 – customs news
Fact sheet concerning the issuance and use of certificates of origin – Customs amendment on the indication of country of origin and country of destination.
This is about the correct indication of the country of origin and the country of destination in heading 4 or 5 of the GIP as well as in the declaration of origin on invoices.
If the goods originate in the European Community or if the country of destination is in the European Community, care must be taken to indicate the European Community and not the individual Member State.
This also applies if only the individual Member State is noted in a proof of origin. The additional indication of a Member State, e.g. as "EU/Germany", is tolerated.
Link:  Fact sheet concerning the issuance and use of certificates of origin 

01.12.2021 – customs news
What is the meaning of "Revised PEM Convention" (incl. webinar)?
The PEM Convention links various free trade agreements in a set of rules aiming at identical rules of origin. The old rules date back to 1972 and have been revised due to new products, new technologies and for administrative convenience. Not all contracting parties have agreed to this revision so far. A transitional period has been agreed so that companies can still benefit from the revised rules. This means that export companies can choose to apply the old rules or to switch to the new rules. You can find out all the details about this with very good explanations in the webinar of Switzerland Global Enterprise in cooperation with the Federal Customs Administration and SECO, which is available on the website of the Federal Customs Administration under the fact sheets.
Link (only in german language available): Webinar Switzerland Global Enterprise "Revised PEM Convention

01.07.2021 – customs news
The Swiss customs tariff will be adjusted on 01.01.2022 on the basis of the revised nomenclature of the World Customs Council (Harmonised System HS, WCO). The present revision takes account of technological progress by introducing new specific customs tariff numbers, specific customs tariff numbers, for example for hybrid vehicles, drones, 3D printers, new products of the tobacco industry or edible insects. The simplified classification of cell cultures and placebos also takes into account two important concerns of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the list of goods (nomenclature) will receive new customs tariff numbers for chemical products and electronic waste in order to improve the informative value of the statistics and to be able to better monitor trade flows. These are in particular substances that are of concern to humans and animals as well as the environment. The Federal Council approved the amendments on 30 June 2021 (media release). Further information, which is constantly being expanded and updated, can be found on the website "Customs Tariff Tares - Changes to 1.1.2022".
Link: EZV - Zolltarif – Tares (Harmonisiertes System 2022) (only available in german)

21.06.2021 – customs news
As from 1 September 2021, only certificates of origin EUR.1 CN with the amendments according to the information may be issued to China.
Link: EZV - Freihandelsabkommen Schweiz-China; Änderungen bei der Warenverkehrsbescheinigung EUR.1  (only available in german)

In order to improve and evaluate what interests our customers in the customs sector, we want to find out where we can use our customs know-how even better for you, how we can avoid risks, and also to inform you directly about news.

Please send us your answers and your own questions to

  • Are all your customs clearances made with the correct tariff number and declared without duty wherever possible?
  • Do you know the customs risks and opportunities of risk minimization, simplification and control options?
  • Do you think that the current price-performance ratio for your customs clearances is adequate?
  • Would it be advantageous for you to have a single contact person for all customs clearances throughout Switzerland?
  • How do you receive your consignment accompanying documents and dispositions that you need for legally required archiving or for internal purposes?
  • Would it be helpful to have status information on the completion of your customs declaration? What detailed information would be important to you?
  • Would you recommend our customs clearance service to a business partner (on a scale of 1-10)?
  • Are you interested in information about customs news and their impact on you?

Let us know who is your customs representative in your company (name, e-mail, telephone number).
We will be happy to contact you specifically to show you our possibilities and identify potential for optimization.

Electronic customs receipt (eVV)

Do you have any questions about the electronic customs receipt?

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The easy-to-use eSchenker tracking tool gives you real-time information about the location and status of your shipment, and its current estimated time of delivery. Allocation of a tracking number means that you can access detailed shipment data online without having to log in. Our tracking technology has now been upgraded with an even more detailed overview and status information for each of your shipments.