Customs Service

Schenker Switzerland Ltd. offers its clients an own Customs Competence Centre.

The own Customs Competence Centre in Pfungen is supporting our clients in customs Issues and therefore accelerate the transit time of the goods.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Professional support in all customs issues
  • Customs Competence Center offers training courses and consulting
    for your better understanding of customs issues
  • The center analyses, designs and implements integrated IT solutions
    for a faster work flow
  • Competence centre helps to avoid customs fees

We provide all manual and electronic customs clearance procedures (i. e.: e-dec import, NCTS, e-dec export) as well as special solutions at our offices.

Together with our clients we develop individual IT-solutions for Swiss import and export customs.

The border offices are directly linked up to the customs authorities via a data network to ensure reliable and convenient customs procedures.

Our products at a glance:

DB SCHENKERcustoms basic
Comprising the essential services, this package enables you to clear customs procedures at authorised consignee centres in Switzerland.

DB SCHENKERcustoms border
Our experienced professionals draft the necessary documents and ensure that your consignments experience no difficulties at the border.

DB SCHENKERcustoms dedicated
Tailored solutions for more complex requirements.This product group contains customsservices for the next level, such as clearanceon an item-level basis, fiscal representation drafting temporary import licences, etc.

DB SCHENKERcustoms complete
We start by analysing your business model and then develop a specialist customs solution for you. Choose this package, and we assume control of the entire procedure from notification activities to the provision of VAT-related information, including all other services you require. If necessary, we manage the entire process from a single, central base.

DB SCHENKERcustoms consulting
As an authorised economic operator (AEO), we guarantee that all security and customs standards are met. Our customs competence centre provides you with expert support, either on site at your own offices, via one of our bases around Switzerland or at any external location. No matter what the customs-related issue is, we always have the answer.

EZV News

Tares Tarif

The competent staff in our border offices in Basel (BWA), Thayngen, and St.Margrethen ensures a smooth completion of the EU customs clearance.

EU fiscal representation:

In cooperation with our SW-Zoll-Beratung GmbH subsidiary in Flensburg, we possess the required expertise to offer you fiscal representation services and to take care of all the related tasks and formalities such as:

  • Handling your VAT obligations for you in Germany
  • Compiling and submitting tax returns
  • Submitting recapitulative statements
  • Documenting the required information
  • Submitting the Intrastat returns

Advantages of EU customs clearance / fiscal representation:

  • Increased competitiveness in the Internal Market
  • Equal status vis-à-vis EU suppliers
  • Easier access to the Internal Market
  • Deliveries of consolidated flows of goods via distribution platforms in the EU region
  • No delays due to in-country customs clearance
  • Reduced customs clearance costs
  • Handling of all customs and tax formalities


  • Shipment of goods into the country of destination to the receiver, immediately after the EU customs clearance. The transfer has be evidenced in writing. If the goods remain in the first EU country of entry, the procedure of EU customs can not be applied.
  • The exporter has a sales tax identification number. He is registered for VAT purposes the EU country of entry or authorized to use a local fiscal representative’s VAT number in the country entry of the EU.
  • The exporter a customs number and EORI
  • The recipient has a tax identification number (tax ID)
  • With Schenker you have to send your shipment with EU customs in "DDP"

The EU customs clearance is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Warranty claims
  • Free delivery, all non-paid transactions
  • Processing and repair traffic
  • Factory contractual deliveries
  • Intra-union purchases
  • Triangular transactions and 3-unit chain transactions

SW-Zoll-Beratung GmbH subsidiary in Flensburg

Here we provide you the latetest news concerning customs clearance.

Changement on the Procedure 42:

Lörrach Main Customs Office
- Rheinfelden-Motorway Customs Office -
Ref.: 0530 B – R 1

If import is followed immediately by an intra-Community supply with tax-exempting effect (Section 5(1)(3) of the German VAT Act; procedure codes 42 and 63), neither the purchaser nor the (actual) recipient (of the goods) will require an EORI number in future, whether or not a chain transaction  is involved in which the purchaser and recipient are not one and the same. The entry of a recipient's EORI number in procedures 42 and 63 is consequently unnecessary with immediate effect, even if the purchaser and recipient are identical. For the purposes of customs law, the recipient of the intra-Community supply is not involved in the import and is therefore not deemed to be an economic operator, rendering an EORI number unnecessary.

Do you have questions regarding electronic assessment?

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