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Plant and project logistics

DB Schenker offers the full range of project logistics services, from transporting individual machines on flat racks to serving entire plants. No matter if you have a refinery in Saudi Arabia, a power plant in Finland, a liquid natural gas plant in Australia, a steel mill in Russia or a petrochemical plant in Asia, and no matter what mode(s) of transport make the most sense for you – our experienced specialists at DB Schenker will design a customized, innovative transport solution for you, tailored to your needs and taking quality, time, cost, local conditions and weather-related aspects into account.

The DB Schenker Global Projects team can take care of all the organizational tasks involved in plant and project logistics, from loading to assembly. Route studies, packaging, storage, project monitoring, document handling, local customs clearance, just-in-time deliveries, lifting and assembly, and foundation laying are all part of our service.

The following industries have benefits from our services:

  • Power generation (power plants)
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Heavy industry (e.g. cement factories, steelworks)
  • Infrastructure construction projects (e.g. airports, dams)
  • Rolling stock (e.g. freight cars, locomotives)
  • Capital goods and plant and machinery
  • Minerals and mining
  • Oil and gas

Our services

For us, project management is not just about logistics; we also offer assistance with transport technology, IT solutions and HSSEQ requirements.
We offer our clients project expertise from our own Global Projects Control Towers and offices at 62 locations around the world. They are supported by 470 experts for EPC and the capital goods industry.

Global Projects has its own local and global organizational structure within the DB Schenker Group, with our German project experts based in Düsseldorf. To meet our clients' requirements, we also have a number of local offices across Germany with pronounced expertise and experience in projects and non common load (NCL). 

  • Established in 1972, Global Projects can draw on experience from over 40 years of successful project work in Germany.
  • On average, our team members each boast more than 15 years of experience in project logistics.
  • We are a one-stop shop for all the activities involved in plant and project logistics.
  • We offer technical expertise and consultations for all transport needs and solutions.
  • Our experts provide customized IT solutions for your projects.