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Report Concerns

Submitting non-compliance reports

DB Schenker has a global compliance management system in place which is intended to prevent from any kinds of violations of laws, corporate principles and internal guidelines. For more information please refer to:

However, it cannot guarantee that no violations occur. A trustful and open-minded corporate culture and a reliable whistle blowing system are the basis for the detection of violations. DB Schenker encourages employees and business partners to report observed violations and actively protects them from retaliation. Through various communication channels DB Schenker assures that employees have sufficient possibilities to report compliance related issues and hints.

Employees and other third parties are encouraged to report observed misconduct. A whistle blower has following options for reporting possible breaches of laws, regulations, the Code of Conduct or other internal polices and guidelines:

1. Schenker Global whistling system is available at:
2. In a case of emergency, please call: +49 30 297 1066
3. Reports concerning DB Schenker in China can be addressed by email to the following contacts: 

Vishal Sharma
CEO, Greater China

Ginger Jiang
CFO, Greater China

Zoe Chen
CHRO, Greater China