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At DB Schenker, we believe a company’s success comes down to more than just economic performance. That’s why we’re committed to striking a balance between our economic, social and environmental pillars.

From a social impact standpoint, DB Schenker strives to be a top employer in Germany and around the world. With this ranking in many countries, we’re passionate about maintaining our position and expanding our reach to all areas of the globe.

However, we know our social responsibility goes beyond being an attractive employer. That’s why DB Schenker aims to be compliant with international standards on employment and working conditions as well as a recognized member of society who supports social projects in our communities.

Enabling the best global team 

At DB Schenker, our employees are our most important asset. We can only maintain our market success if we have motivated and qualified employees in our team. Our successful employee retention efforts are supported by our commitment to sustainable staff development and a strong corporate culture.

Strong, professional human resources management helps us keep employees satisfied for years to come. We work consistently to further improve employee satisfaction by setting clear satisfaction goals and regularly evaluating ourselves using a recurring worldwide employee survey. We commit to staff development, and we aim to customize our employees professional progression to better fit to their own individual professional and life phases. All in all, we have made sustainable human resources development a company priority.

In addition to successful human resources management initiatives, a strong corporate culture is a prerequisite for dedicated and satisfied employees, and thus the foundation for long-term success. The international set-up of DB Schenker presents the challenge to integrate a variety of cultures and create a common identity. It’s important that we create a culture in which employees from diverse backgrounds feel at home and work together to achieve our goals and visions.

Finding the best global team members 

In addition to employee retention, professional employee recruitment is an absolute necessity to continue to build a successful, global organization.

DB Schenker has set out to build a reputation as top employer in the transportation and logistics industry. Achieving this aim is especially challenging in light of demographic change and the current battle for qualified and talented employees. In addition to offering attractive training and graduate programs, we focus on continually increasing our efforts for recruiting qualified and motivated employees. DB Schenker cooperates closely with universities and associations like the logistics and supply chain management network BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik e. V.).

Ensuring fair working conditions

Our global DB Schenker Social Minimum Standards define the expectations for day-to-day business activities of our employees, executives and managers on a global basis.

DB Schenker’s Social Minimum Standards specify and operationalize the general social statements as per the overarching Code of Conduct of our mother company Deutsche Bahn. They comply with the International Labor Organization (ILO) Core Conventions, United Nations Global Compact, Universal Declaration on Human Rights as well as the German Sustainability Code.

These principles are binding upon all board members, managing directors, executives and employees worldwide. DB Schenker encourages its business partners to follow them as well. In situations where national and international laws do not provide for adequate social or labor safeguards, DB Schenker sticks to these standards as a minimum.