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Supporting the Alpaca industry in Peru

DB Schenker is working with Incalpaca – one of Peru’s leading producers of clothing made from alpaca wool – in order to provide logistics solutions and offer a crucial link between tradition and the modern world.
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Empowering global e-commerce:

DB Schenker announces strategic alliance with Channel Advisor
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DB Schenker provides H&M with green store delivery

DB Schenker in China kicked off its green store delivery service for the Swedish fast fashion brand H&M.
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e-commerce incorporated: Partnering with Magento

DB Schenker is offering a powerful new extension to equip small and mid-size merchants at Magento
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Innovation and Digitalization

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing. Challenging the status quo. Develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.
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e-commerce logistics on Singles' Day

Peak management on the world's busiest day for online shopping. DB Schenker is handling all logistics for a prestigious US fashion house during China's Singles' Day.
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We are your reliable logistics partner in China

…with over 50 years experience in China.
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Not enough cargo to fill a container?

We have 700+ direct service options and a state of the art gateway network to save you money, and provide you the flexibility you need to schedule your shipment.
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Logistics Engineering for the World's Most Valuable Brands

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Logistics Orchestrator

Taking aftermarket logistics to the next level with the Logistics Orchestrator
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By road conveniently through Asia

Our Asia LANDbridge is one of the most extensive cross border road transportation services available.
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Ship your goods to, from and across anywhere in China

With facilities in over 60 cities across China, we are where you need us.
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DB Schenker collaborates on extreme weather research project

Extreme weather patterns and congested roads • Tight deadlines and high expectations 

The transportation and logistics industries are facing ever-increasing pressure due to the combination of huge challenges every day. Services that predict potential disruptions caused by external factors, such as extreme weather or a shortage of parking spaces, are urgently needed in order to minimize delays and ensure journeys are handled as economically as possible.

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Project description

As one of the leading global integrated logistics providers, DB Schenker is always committed to delivering optimized solutions. To try and combat these disruptions, DB Schenker is collaborating on the project MeteoValue-live in Germany, together with the Jade University of Applied Science and project partners FlixMobility, CMF, Fraunhofer FOKUS, infoware and Map and Route.

The project will start in August 2019 and run for three years, aiming to optimize deployment and route planning for land freight and long-distance bus companies, by predicting extreme weather conditions and the availability of parking spaces.

Funding is provided by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of the research initiative Modernity Fund (mFund), which aims to support development projects for data-based digital applications.


The research project, which will be managed by Prof. Dr. med. Michael Klafft, Professor of Business Informatics, aims to analyze how extreme weather conditions might affect both delivery traffic and the speed of trucks and long-distance buses in Germany. The goal of the project, which will be completed in the summer of 2022, is to provide land transportation companies with a service portfolio including :

  • a weather forecasting system
  • a route-based alert system
  • parking availability information

Project meaning

Given the increasing extreme weather patterns which have been recorded globally over the past few years, DB Schenker is dedicated to minimizing the effects caused by potential disruptions, both now and in the future. Research from the Meteo Value-live project in Germany will be important in gaining critical insights and preparing for the future, both on a national and global level.