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    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Naši lidé
    • Pracovní kultura
    • ESG udržitelnost

    Driven by Diversity of Thought

    Our success is powered by the unique perspectives of our people. We’re committed to equality, inclusion, and respect.

    A safe, inclusive environment where everyone can thrive

    As a talent-driven company, when we move, we move together and grow together. Creating an inclusive environment is a high priority, ensuring our people can bring their whole selves to the table and do meaningful work. The DB Schenker spirit is driven by difference, and no one will be left behind!

    What matters to you?

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    What matters to you?

    How we embrace diversity of thought

    Building a diverse team is meaningful, but that’s only the beginning. We’re also driven to create an environment where people can thrive as they collaborate and build innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.

    Inclusion is key to fair work opportunities and establishing a culture of trust and belonging – to ensure our employees can be their authentic selves and enjoy greater impact. Partnering with our internal and external stakeholders is key to truly living this intention. So let’s shape, belong, and achieve together.

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    Careers, Inside DB Schenker, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Opportunities to shape your future

    Creating a fully inclusive organization starts with providing fair work opportunities for our people.

    Opportunities to shape your future Read more
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    Careers, Inside DB Schenker, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    You belong here

    Our empowering culture lets you be your authentic self. We develop our people for the future, driving gender equality and creating inclusive workspaces.

    You belong here Read more
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    Careers, Inside DB Schenker, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Make an impact

    Our high-performing teams deliver sustainable and innovative solutions focused on customers’ needs. The more diverse our thinking is, the more creative our ideas are!

    Make an impact Read more
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    • Pracovní kultura
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Naši lidé
    • ESG udržitelnost

    Inside DB Schenker

    Get to know DB Schenker a little better

    Find out how our beliefs in diversity and inclusion could make us just the right match for your career journey.

    Get to know DB Schenker a little better Learn more

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