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DB Schenker employees are actively involved in nature protection in Central Bohemia

The logistics company DB Schenker is helping to protect nature in the Křivoklát region. It has cared for this region for a long time now, with the active involvement of its employees. This year, volunteers from DB Schenker headed off to the Prameny Klíčava nature reserve. In the deep forests of this area there are well-preserved floodplain alders and peat bogs, which are home to rare wetland plants and animals. To prevent this area from being overgrown with grass, sedge and trees, it needs to be cleared and cut on a regular basis. The event is one of many that the company organises as part of the DB Schenker Green Days project.

DB Schenker employees from the head office in Rudná fell in love with the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area, which is why they go there every year to help out. The traditional event is held place in two seasons, either in autumn or spring. In the past, DB Schenker volunteers have helped clean up rubbish left by unruly visitors along the Berounka River, planted an alley of small-leaved linden trees, cleared the forest of fallen trees, strengthened hiking trails and repaired nature trails. Last year, in collaboration with the PLA administration, they assisted in the maintenance of the most well-preserved flowery meadow in the Křivoklát region near the Týřov National Nature Reserve, where they used spades and pickaxes to remove non-native species of sorrel and other plants. They dug up several hundred of these plants, allowing the meadow to bloom again in all its beauty in the spring.

"As part of the DB Schenker Green Days projects, we have been working to help nature for a long time now. Respect for one's surroundings and consideration for the environment is a fundamental value for DB Schenker, and I personally am extremely delighted that our volunteers want to work so proactively. We are also involved in the Clean Up the Czech Republic initiative, where we also help out by handling the logistics side of the cleaning equipment,” says Tomáš Holomoucký, CEO of DB Schenker in the Czech Republic.

DB Schenker employees are no strangers to working in other areas, however. They planted out young trees in October as part of the Forest Renewal Day event organised by Czech State Forest (LČR). Volunteers of all ages from the branch in Strančice planted over 250 Czech beech seedlings in the bark beetle-infested forests around Konopiště.

DB Schenker is also a regular logistics partner and active participant in the long-term project Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic and Let's Clean Up the World. The company and its employees regularly help out in cleaning up the countryside, but also assist in the collection and preparation of cleaning kits for organisers throughout the Czech Republic. "We are happy to help out with the Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic and Let's Clean Up the World initiatives, which are undoubtedly of enormous benefit both for Czech nature and for society as a whole," adds Tomáš Holomoucký.