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Safe import of sea shipments from Asia to Europe

Sea transport of piece shipments from Asia to the Czech Republic is now easier than ever. The DB SCHENKERcombine service is the ideal solution for LCL shipments, it is fast and safe. We also provide our customers with other services such as bulk palletization or customs services to facilitate transportation.

The transport of single shipments smaller than one container is an integral part of our product portfolio in sea transport. In this area, we provide top quality services with the support of a global LCL transhipment network with seamless connections to our truck transport. In the company DB Schenker, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements for a comprehensive door-to-door solution and ensure reliable, flexible and efficient delivery of even the smallest shipments. In addition to safe and fast transport, we also provide bulk palletization, comprehensive customs services or cargo insurance. Thanks to the distribution system with its own branches and consolidation storehouses and a regular timetable, the company DB Schenker is able to provide the safest handling of shipments across the entire transport process with an accuracy of delivery to the Czech customers of over 96%. Thanks to the consolidation the transport of goods is also more environmentally friendly.