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Czech biathletes compete in the World Cup, and this year they are accompanied by a DB Schenker tractor and its drivers

The DB Schenker biathlon truck is once again on the winter roads to accompany the Czech national team to the World Cup races. Last year, the logistics company replaced the truck model with the new Renault T High 480 model which also had a sticker in national colours. Martin Žák and Veronika Vébrová, who have become a necessary but imaginary part of the national team, have traditionally been behind the wheel.

The entire semi-trailer was custom-made for the biathlon team, and has undergone several modifications in the last three years to make storing, handling or lubricating skis quick and convenient. It is used as a service centre for the Czech national team where “lubrication masters” prepare and test their skis on the day of the race from the early morning hours. The truck transports tons of material, sometimes on hard-to-reach mountain roads, and in less than four months it travels about 10,000 km.

“The logistics of the key equipment for the Czech biathlon team is a very responsible task, but our drivers always manage to do it to the maximum degree of professionalism. We are pleased that with what we can contribute to the success of the Czech team,” says Tomáš Holomoucký, CEO of DB Schenker, who cheers not only the entire team at the races but also the drivers - to always arrive safely and without any issues. 

The World Cup of the 2021/2022 season has a busy schedule. After the summer break, the biathlon truck will accompany the Czech national team until mid-March. The new season started at the end of November in Östersund, Sweden, where the biathlon truck stayed until 5 December. After that, the national team will make stops in Hochfilzen, Austria and Le Grand Bornand, France. And what is the next World Cup program? In January, races are held at the German centres of Oberhof and Ruhpolding, followed by the Italian Anterselva. The truck will end its January journey again in Arber on the German side of the Šumava Mountains, where it will support the Czech national team at the European Championship 2022.  Kontiolahti will follow in March, followed by Otepää, where the Biathlon World Cup will start for the first time in history, and the last tenth round will take place in the second half of March in Oslo.

The highlight of this season will be the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The truck will not go there, but the current novelty of the DB Schenker's cooperation with the Czech biathlon team will be the logistics of the necessary material to China and back. This time, the company will arrange the transport of the equipment and service facilities by air for the Czech national biathlon team.

The entire biathlon program in the season 2021/2022

Östersund I.: 27. – 28. November 2021

Östersund II.: 2. – 5. December 2021

Hochfilzen: 10. – 12. December 2021

Annecy-Le Grand Bornand: 16. – 19. December 2021

Oberhof: 6. – 9. January 2022

Ruhpoldin: 12. – 16. January 2022

Anterselva: 20. – 23. January 2022

Biathlon European Championship 2022 (Arber, Germany):  24. – 30. January 2022

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: 5. – 19. February 2022

Kontiolahti: 3. – 6. March 2022

Otepää: 10. – 13. March 2022

Oslo-Holmenkollen: 7. – 20. March 2022