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Katerina Rihova appointed the Logistics Director in DB Schenker

Another woman was appointed to the top management position of DB Schenker. Katerina Rihova accepted the offer as the director of logistics operations. On the other hand, one of the chairs in the management was abandoned by a prominent figure of Czech logistics Vladimir Handl, the company executive director who decided to retire after almost 30 years. 

Katerina Rihova has a clear idea of modern logistics: “Today’s logistics is very dynamic and challenging, so we can't just be a supplier of logistics services. We have to work with the customer as partners.” She’s been in logistics for over a quarter of a century, of which she has worked for 18 years at DB Schenker, which she joined as a logistics manager responsible for managing the center in Rudna near Prague. Later she began to specialize in logistics projects until she became the head of the department, which deals with the preparation and implementation of the most complex customer projects.

Her organizational talent, many years of experience, pro-customer approach and ability to manage people brought her to be offered the position of the director of logistics operations this spring. Within the position she is responsible for operations in 14 DB Schenker logistics centers in the Czech Republic and manages the work of 600 permanent employees. “I couldn't choose better time for career growth,” comments with exaggeration the manager who is fond of sports manager the difficult period of “Coronacrisis”, which transformed the shape of business and logistics. “I firmly believe that the economic recovery and our return to normal life will soon be back to normal,” she adds. 

Logistics Veteran who founded the first Schenker branch in the Czech Republic

The name of lawyer Vladimir Handl has been associated with DB Schenker for nearly thirty years. In 1991 he assisted in founding the first branch of DB Schenker Group in the Czech Republic and participated in its further development in various management positions. From 2011 he held the position of the executive director of the company and director of the administrative section until the beginning of this year, when he decided to retire. “The cooperation with Vladimir Handl has always been a great inspiration for us. I mean his work with people, as well as his rich legal experience, which we have used and appreciated so many times,” says Tomas Holomoucky, Managing Director of DB Schenker.