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DB Schenker offers special charter flights to the US and China

The international logistics company DB Schenker offers companies dependent on overseas trading special charter flights to Atlanta, Chicago and Shanghai.

The global economy cannot be kept going without functional supply chains. Most airlines have had to reduce passenger flights in recent weeks, thereby significantly reducing the transport capacity for carried goods. DB Schenker therefore provided its customers with additional capacity via their own charter connections to the world’s busiest areas.

“These days, when air travel is experiencing a very difficult period, the offer of charter flights is a really important event. These transports are crucial to a number of companies and decide whether they will manage to sustain economically. Our offer applies to all companies that need this service," says Tomas Holomoucky, Managing Director of the logistics company DB Schenker. 

The first charter service started on Thursday, March 19, on the Frankfurt – Chicago route, and was followed on Sunday 22 March by another charter from Frankfurt to Atlanta and back. Both are on regular flight schedules. Flights to Chicago (and back) will take place every Thursday and Saturday to and to Atlanta (and back) every Sunday.  From both airports, DB Schenker is ready to provide land transport to other American cities. 

There is also a demand for transportation to China. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, a Boeing 747 with a carrying capacity of 100 tonnes of cargo flies from Frankfurt to Shanghai and back. In addition, DB Schenker also plans to do regular flights to India, where passenger flights are also restricted.