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DB Schenker among the 100 most successful companies in the Czech Republic

For a quarter of a century, the CZECH TOP 100 rankings have offered a review of the most successful companies that form the backbone of the Czech economy. The logistics company DB Schenker rightfully belongs among them.

The “100 Most Important Firms of the Czech Republic” list is the first and, at the same time, the longest-running project in the field of evaluation and awarding of prizes in the Czech economy. Its mission is to provide the public with a professional and, at the same time, quick and brief overview of successful companies that have an impact on the Czech industry and trade.

“This year, after a long period of time, we have re-entered the survey to find out how we stand as a company, compared to the other economic entities. Thanks to the turnover in 2018, we placed in a nice 99th place and confirmed that our work has a wider meaning,” said Tomáš Holomoucký, the Company Manager.

For the development of the company it is important that DB Schenker has consistently invested in new technologies, accelerating processes, increasing network throughput and, in recent years, in expanding its storage and transport capacities. Thus, a new operation facility for logistics services in the automotive industry was started in Červený Kostelec, and a new in-house logistics project was launched in Dobřany. The storage capacities in Mnichovo Hradiště, Mladá Boleslav and North Moravia are also expanding significantly. The development is also recorded by the central transhipment station in Rudná near Prague and the logistics storehouse in Pardubice.

The CZECH TOP 100 basic rankings are based directly on economic data (revenues, export, profit, number of employees, etc.). Many other rankings are based on the evaluation of expert juries, composed of both economic experts and professionals in the given field.