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DB Schenker supplies doctors across the country with disinfection of Zin producer DF Partner

DB Schenker started distribution of an anti-COVID disinfectant produced by a Zlin company DF Partner. The logistics company delivers it free of charge to doctors, dentists and other medical facilities, as well as private practice.

“The disinfection into the offices is exactly the type of shipments that have the highest priority for us these days. We know the medical staff are waiting for them, and that’s why we‘re delivering them as quickly as possible. We’re doing it happily and for free. It is our small contribution in this crisis," says Tomas Holomoucky, Managing Director of the logistics company DB Schenker.

The Ministry of Health ranked DF Partner as an official manufacturer of anti-COVID disinfection. It is produced according to the World Health Organisation formula and includes ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol and water. The family company DF Partner, producer of autochemistry and auto cosmetics, was able to rebuild production lines within a few days and now provides about three quarters of the State’s contract volume.

The producer also distributes for the State by its own means: DB Schenker offered free distribution to medical facilities, private doctor and dentist offices, retirement homes and social service providers across the country. Disinfection is distributed in containers ranging from 500 ml to 25 l, so some consignments can weigh up to 330 lb. As of Tuesday 25 March, when the delivery began, the shipments were taken over by several hundreds of doctors.