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Handicapped employees are welcome in DB Schenker

People are different and have different abilities and possibilities of self-fulfilment. DB Schenker promotes diversity across the company. The logistics warehouse in Strancice has focused mainly on people with disabilities. Four of them were nominated for the Health Disabled Employee of the Year award, and although they did not win the contest, for their co-workers they are winners anyway. 

A team of DB Schenker employees in Strancice proudly endorses the principle of equal opportunities for all. That’s why they decided to accept the employment of people with disabilities as one of their strategic themes of this year. They have launched a unique project that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to integrate into the work process and expand their social contacts. 

One of them is Martin Nemecek, who works in the distribution center as a warehouse-keeper of modern electronics. The main purpose of his work is the basic activities related to the handling of goods in operation. He works with a scanner, prepares orders, checks the status of goods and prepares them for subsequent processing for colleagues on the next section. His activities include manipulation of the picking cart and his responsibilities continue to grow. From the beginning, he got quickly adapted to the warehouse environment. Thanks to his determination and desire to work, he quickly became one of the best workers. Martin has adopted positive approach to life and work. He is very independent and responsible in the performance of his tasks. His motivation is work well done, as well as acknowledgement from his co-workers and supervisor. Thanks to his commitment and precision at work, he is a great inspiration for all around him. 

The project engages people with disabilities of different types.  In cooperation with the generally beneficial organization Rytmus Central Bohemia, people with mental disabilities have also been integrated. The program has been in existence for more than a year and thanks to its active approach, more than 20 employees have been working in various positions within the entire distribution center. 

“Diversity is one of the key values of our company and we have been interested in working with handicapped people for a long time. We have been cooperating with the Paraple Centre for 15 years, we have been involved in the Srdcervac project, but mainly we are creating the conditions for turning good intentions into reality," says Tomas Holomoucky, Managing Director in DB Schenker. 

The fact that DB Schenker appreciates the work of its handicapped colleagues is also evidenced by nominations of four of them for the Healthy Disabled Employee of the Year contest. It is supported by the Foundation for the Support of Employment of Persons with Disabilities (NFOZP). It is the only contest of its kind in the Czech Republic awarding handicapped workers. The four selected workers earned the nomination not only thanks to their efforts, but also for partial achievements and inspiring steps they do in their work. “We wanted to show our colleagues by nomination that we appreciate them and let them know how important their work is to us,” says Lucie Horova, HR Manager. 

The announcement of the results of the NFOZP survey in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital City of Prague was postponed to the second half of the year due to the Coronavirus crisis and DB Schenker employees did not appear among the award-winning members. “We don't mind that at all. More important to us is the opportunity to be part of the team, cooperation, understanding and recognition we can give to each other," concludes Martin Nemecek.