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IMO 2020 - regulation of seagoing ship emissions

From 1 January 2020, new IMO regulations will come into force, requiring the shipping companies to significantly reduce the sulphur content in fuels by up to 0.5% in order to reduce the environmental burden.

Significant changes to maritime transport for 2020 are to be made in view of the new IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations, which order the shipping companies to significantly reduce the sulphur content in the fuel of seagoing ships to the level of 0.5%, bringing substantial reductions in emissions at sea and in port areas. The ships will have to use Very Low Sulphur Fuel (VLSFO), new filtering equipment or liquefied natural gas as an alternative fuel.

The seagoing ship operators have taken all the necessary steps to meet these conditions, which undoubtedly brought high financial costs, which will be reflected in sea transport prices in 2020. The company DB Schenker actively cooperates with the ship-owners and negotiates new surcharges, the amount of which will be related not only to the length of the sea route but also to its utilization. Regarding this fact, a very wide range of surcharges of USD 20-200 per TEU is expected.

The deadline for applying these surcharges is December 2019 and will depend on the departure date of the shipment. Of course, we will inform our customers on further developments and the situation of their specific shipments.