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Logistics of the legendary Jizera 50 is provided for the thirteenth time by DB Schenker

From Friday 11 February to Sunday 13 February, cross-country skiing fans from all over the country and abroad will meet in Bedřichov to compete in the Jizerska 50. The logistics partner for the thirteenth season is DB Schenker, which also provides logistics for the entire SkiTour series. The athletes also rely on its experience for the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

"Racing against the clock and as fast as possible is our daily practice and perhaps that is why we as a company are very close to the sport. We are honoured to be able to contribute to the preparation of prestigious sporting events with what we do best, namely reliable logistics," says DB Schenker CEO Tomáš Holomoucký, who regularly takes part in the race with his colleagues.

The logistics preparations for the Jizerska 50 weekend start many weeks in advance. For example, the start numbers are brought from Italy, the glass medals are picked up in Poděbrady, and most of the production material is then loaded in the Prague warehouse of the organizer, the Raul agency. In addition to the aforementioned, the ten tons of material also includes barriers, inflatable gates and packs for the competitors, which consist of, for example, energy biscuits and drinks, along with promotional materials from partners.

DB Schenker has its own Sports Logistics Department, which draws on its extensive experience in the logistics of sporting events. While for the SkiTour series it mainly handles the transport of production material, in other cases it is entrusted with the transport of television equipment or sports equipment. DB Schenker drivers with a tractor unit in the national colours take the Czech Biathlon Association's service trailer to the World Cup races.