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DB Schenker has a special warehouse for oversized shipments

DB Schenker recently opened its warehouse in Hradec Kralove • New facility for oversized shipments • For customers from the engineering and automotive industries

DB Schenker, the leading provider of international logistics solutions, helps Czech engineering companies export goods worldwide. The company recently opened its first special warehouse in Hradec Kralove, intended primarily for oversized shipments. 

The 5,000 m2 warehouse area is part of an older industrial area on the outskirts of Hradec Kralove, which benefits from good connections to the motorway and road network. “The warehouse is ideal for storing oversized and heavy machinery and investment units. Thanks to four cranes with capacities of 63 tonnes and 32 tonnes, a floor with special gratings with a loading capacity of up to 13 tonne/m2 and large gate, it allows trucks to enter the warehouse area, which is very convenient for unloading and loading these heavy loads,” explains Tomáš Holomoucký, the Manager of the company DB Schenker. 

Half of the current capacity is already used by DB Schenker for one of the leading car manufacturers in Central Europe, which has giant molds stored here. The other half is available to other customers in the engineering and automotive industries. 

In addition to storage, DB Schenker offers additional services to its customers, such as conservation and regular maintenance of machines, or preparation of special marine packaging. The oversized transport department at DB Schenker has extensive experience with these activities. In the recent past, it has carried out several transports of complete manufacturing lines, including industrial molds, and individual machines. In addition to the engineering industry, DB Schenker also transports oversized goods for the chemical and aerospace industries.