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Oversized power-plant parts from the Czech Republic have successfully arrived in Asia

The Czech industry has a good reputation all over the world and it is therefore not surprising that there is a demand for domestic investment units. High-quality products also need quality transport provided by the logistics company DB Schenker. A total of nine special components for gas-fired power plants have successfully and timely reached their destinations in the Persian Gulf and East Asia.

Oversized transports require an individual approach and are time-consuming. The preparation of the project for a Japanese customer took two and a half months and the goal was to deliver nine parts for gas power plants in the United Arab Emirates and China. The oversized-transport specialists at the company DB Schenker had to take into account the different dimensions of the transport units, some of which reached an extreme width of up to 735 cm. It took one month to plan the route and to obtain the necessary permits; the approval of the Czech Police Forces was also significant, which then accompanied the entire transport. 

Such a width makes it difficult to transport items by road directly to seaports, and the cargo should have passed the first section of its long voyage by the river. Unfortunately, the usual voyage on the River Elbe to Hamburg and further to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp is unsuitable for freight transport due to its low water level in the long term, but DB Schenker did not want to give up the river transport and therefore planned an alternative route n the River Danube. The cargo packed in all-wooden transport boxes did not avoid the roads to Bratislava after all - in the local port it was transferred to river ships and dispatched to individual sea ports for shipment. After negotiating the special conditions with the shippers, the parts on the sea container ships from Rotterdam, Hamburg and Constanta travelled to the final destinations.

“Part of the cargo was transported through the DB Schenker terminal in the Black Sea port of Constanta, saving the customer about a month of total transit time,” says Pavel Trnka, oversized-transport manager at the company DB Schenker. 
In case of oversized transport, the planning should take into account not only the transport itself, but also the time needed to obtain the necessary permits, or the planning and coordination of transports, which last for several weeks. Thus saving a month of transport means therefore a significant saving in the entire process.