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DB Schenker has launched an in-house logistics project in Dobřany near Pilsen

DB Schenker has entered into a strategic partnership with the Czech packaging company Pebal for the implementation of the in-house logistics at the plant in Dobřany near Pilsen last year. In an area of almost 5,000 m2, it provides production supply, storage and distribution of finished products. 

“Using the project in Dobřany, we confirm the trend of bringing logistics services and warehouses closer to customers. The fact that our warehouse is directly adjacent to production brings the advantage of maximum operability, and the company has free hands from for its further growth thanks to logistics outsourcing,” explains Tomáš Holomoucký, the Managing Director of DB Schenker in the Czech Republic.  

The entire new hall consists of a production area of 10,000 m2, which is height-adjusted for extruders, and a logistics section with an area of 18,000 m2. This warehouse section is divided into three approximately equal warehouse sections. The category A warehouse is equipped with entry and loading ramps, LED lighting, sprinklers and security technology. The logistics company was already involved in the construction of the hall, where it participated in the professional supervision and provided recommendations for the construction. 

DB Schenker deals with the complete warehouse management for Pebal. Logistics is performed in an area o 4,769 m2, in the section connected to the production part of the hall; the warehouse is equipped with a rack system, which is operated by retrackers. All handling equipment is electric-driven. The production section is serviced through an internal door with a hygienic loop.

Receipts and shipment are realized mainly through 4 loading ramps, there is also one entry ramp. The distribution of finished products is realized for both the Czech and European markets; every day 100 pallets are handled and 10 trucks loaded. As a large part of Pebal products go to the food industry, the warehouse is HACCP certified, also has passed the ISO or IWAY certification (for IKEA suppliers).

We own the entire building, but we decided to outsource the logistics processes. We were looking for more efficient processes and quality. DB Schenker offered to standardize and set up processes for long-term partnerships,” says Tomáš Kratschmer, the founder of the company Pebal, one of the largest packaging material specialists in the Czech Republic, explaining his strategic decision. 

Other warehouse areas can be used by those interested in simple logistics not only in the field of packaging, but also in the automotive industry and engineering. The warehouse is conveniently located, 5 km from the D5 motorway, railway and airport. 

DB Schenker in-house logistics project for Pebal in numbers:
4,769 m2 for Pebal
3,300 pallet positions for 4,500 pallets and cages
10 rack rows
4 + 1 access ramps
9 employees in 2 shifts
10 m clear warehouse height to the truss motorway, railway and airport only 5 km away up to a maximum height of 10 meters can be stored in the existing racks due to the EPS additions.

About the company Pebal
Pebal s.r.o. was founded in Pilsen in 1995 and is one of the largest packaging material specialists in the Czech Republic. It produces flexible PE packaging. The main products include polyethylene foils and products made of them. The company provides eight-colour flexography and lamination technology. In addition to the common PE foils for packaging, the company focuses on the development and production of foils for the food industry, technical foils (conductive, antistatic), protective adhesive foils, etc. The company has also been producing biobased and biodegradable (compostable) films for several years. The offer is complete with bags and blanks of all sizes, pool solar sheets from bubble foil, silage, construction and pond tarpaulins and a lot of other packaging materials.