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DB Schenker and its customer Global Tooling Service have donated medical supplies to ADRA

For good intentions to become a reality requires a great deal of effort and enthusiasm from the people who want to help. Global Tooling Service (GTS), the company for which DB Schenker imports medical supplies to the Czech Republic, has decided to donate 53,000 nitrile gloves to charity. Thanks to DB Schenker's inventiveness, excellent organisation and logistics, we have succeeded in supplying the 12 social centres and almost two dozen retirement homes and medical facilities in which ADRA operates. 

After the devastating tornado in southern Moravia, DB Schenker donated 200,000 CZK directly to employees and their families and 100,000 CZK to two organisations. Material aid in the form of gloves was originally to have been sent in the same direction. In the end, they were not used in the afflicted areas, but one of the organisations contacted showed interest in them for their centres. 

DB Schenker promised to store the goods and transport them to their destination, and its employees sets themselves the task of helping out in the organisation as a whole. They entered into negotiations with a total of six charitable organisations, such as People in Need, the Czech Red Cross and Diaconia, to find out where the medical supplies would be most effectively used. The choice went to the humanitarian and development organisation ADRA, which helps people in need in the Czech Republic and abroad. It expressed interest in the gloves for its partner retirement homes and the hospices in which ADRA volunteers work. Therefore, first of all, the stored goods had to be sorted and repacked into boxes for each centre separately. They were then distributed to ADRA volunteer centres throughout the Czech Republic. 

"I have to pass on the great thanks that have come in from various parts of the Czech Republic," says Renáta Chlebková, CSR specialist at ADRA. "Within our 15 volunteer centres, our volunteers help out at more than 200 facilities. We appreciate this donation from DB Schenker, which has found its way to almost two dozen facilities. I am very grateful for this show of support for the nursing staff and the hard and selfless work they do in nursing homes and hospices.”

"Throughout this project, I especially appreciate the excellent cooperation with GTS and the great coordination shown by DB Schenker's employees across its branches and departments. A sales manager from Plzeň and a brand manager from Liberec have joined the donation organisation, while the processing of shipments was handled by colleagues from Humpolec. The main thing is that we have succeed in helping out where it is most needed. We are staying in contact with ADRA and, who knows, this might not be our last collaboration,” said Tomáš Holomoucký, DB Schenker CEO, commenting on the completion of another of its charity projects.