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DB Schenker puts shoes on children from SOS Children’s Villages

Transport specialists from DB Schenker handed over a pallet with 430 pairs of children’s shoes and sandals to SOS Children’s Villages in Prague. These are a welcome help for children in need from socially poor families and in foster care. 

DB Schenker has been working closely with SOS children’s villages since 2011 and, in addition to regular financial support, it also provides them with free shipping services. This time, DB Schenker donated summer shoes to children and families with poor social background and children in foster care.

“We have long supported SOS villages within our possibilities both financially and practically. This time, we provided material assistance," says Tomas Holomoucky, Managing Director in DB Schenker. The company also provided transport of several pallets of food aid for families in need in Brno, Karlovy Vary and Prostejov.

“The support provided by DB Schenker means a great contribution to us for many years. We very much appreciate the fact that, in the current situation, when many partners were forced to renounce this year’s support, DB Schenker was among the first to come to help," says Mrs Jindra Salatova, Executive Director of SOS Children’s Villages, adding: ‘It is very important to support not only children, but also their families who, at the time when people lose jobs, do not have enough money to cover the cost of food, rent or clothing, and are in risk to get into a debt trap or lose a roof over their heads. That is why, in addition to financial support, we also appreciate aid in the form of food distribution to these families in need. And the new shoes also made the children very happy!”