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The sun drives DB Schenker's trucks in Skara, Sweden

DB Schenker installs solar cells at the facility in Skara. We will produce electricity that corresponds to approximately twelve normal villas' annual consumption, says Marcus Blomqvist, terminal manager in Skara.

The facility consumes approximately 650,000 kWh per year. The solar cells are estimated to produce approximately 248,000. In the entrance you find a display that pedagogically shows the electricity production right now.

Production naturally varies greatly depending on whether the sun is shining or not. But in principle, the energy is enough for all the lighting and to charge all our trucks.

The trucks are charged during the day, but the largest electricity consumption at a freight terminal takes place at night when the solar cells do not supply any energy.

Because the surplus can´t be stored so we sell it instead. We will be able to recoup this investment in ten years, says Marie Sjöholm, manager at Schenker Property.