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Instead of pallets, pianos and cello: DB Schenker is a logistics partner of the festival Smetana’s Litomyšl

Thousands of people regularly attend the international music festival Smetana’s Litomyšl where they admire the best of classical music by domestic and foreign composers and performers on stage. The transport company DB Schenker has been the logistics partner of the festival has been DB Schenker for several times.

All performing musicians need somehow to bring their, often very large, yet fragile, musical instruments to the venue. For logistics, this is a challenge, mainly in terms of timing and safety of transport. Because there is a different concert program every day at the festival, it must not happen that, during the rehearsal or the concert itself, any instrument from the orchestra is missing or damaged.

“We ensured the safe transport of instruments for the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, PKF - Prague Philharmonia and the Symphony Orchestra of the Capital City of Prague - FOK. We transported most of the instruments for the opening concert of the Czech Philharmonic, filling them into two special trucks. We had to plan the logistics so that the musicians had their instruments in time before the rehearsal. We transported the musical instruments of the philharmonic for millions of crowns, as in clover,”says Petr Slabý, Manager Of The Trade Fair And Exhibition Department at DB Schenker.

The festival will culminate on Sunday 7 July 2019 by the concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the Capital City of Prague - FOK. For the specialists from the DB Schenker team, however, the work will definitely not end, as they have to ensure the safe transport of the instruments back to Prague to be ready for the next concerts.