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StarDance has collected the most money in its history for the Paraple Centre

Five dance quadruples danced over 15 million and 200 thousand crowns for the Paraple Centre as part of the fourth StarDance benefit evening. This year, thanks to DMS and the donors, we managed to collect 220 thousand more than last year. The most touching moment of the whole evening was when the biathlonist Gabriela Koukalová gave one of her cups to her dance partner in wheelchair and fan Libor Bohdanecký.

“Paraple and StarDance have been together since 2015. So tonight it is the fourth time when we will join our dance forces and your generosity to try to do something good,” welcomed the audience Marek Eben, the presenter of the show. Five dance pairs consisting of two celebrities, one professional dancer and one disabled person in wheelchair, danced on Saturday evening in the rhythm of tango and cha-cha. The fifth juror of the professional jury was the president and founder of the Paraple Centre, Zdeněk Svěrák, who also introduced a new dimension for the evaluation of the dancers: “There is something new. Everyone knows than I will give ten. And it was boring. So the TV company thought I’d give a ten, but it would be a hand-painted picture that a dancing person in wheelchair gets in memory of this.”

The most touching moment of the whole evening was when the biathlonist Gabriela Koukalová gave one of the most valuable trophies of her biathlon career to her dance partner in wheelchair and fan Libor Bohdanecký. Libor is her loyal fan, so he was very happy about this unexpected surprise.

In the seventh round of StarDance no contestant fell out, the voting was closed. However, viewers could send donor SMS messages, thanks to which they managed to collect the amount of CZK 15,236,748. For the fourth time, the Czech Television gave the check in the Paraple Centre building. “I am very glad that the Czech Television has created such an interesting project that helps us to provide services to people with spinal cord injury and also to respond flexibly to their current needs,” said David Lukeš, Director of the Paraple Centre.

“I imagine that life is such a long series of moments and some are worse and some better. And I think that the moment we all spent together today is one of the most beautiful ones. The people of good will have come together to make up a great gift. They just agreed we should help. Such a consensus in our society full of disagreements is a beautiful moment for me. And I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it,” ended the charity evening Zdeněk Svěrák.

As a long-term logistics partner, the company DB Schenker donated CZK 325,000 to the Paraple Centre on this occasion. Already for 14 years, besides financial donations and transportation arrangements, the DB Schenker employees have been helping the Paraple Centre as volunteers in the organization of the Paraple Run.

The money will be used to finance the residential rehabilitation service for people with spinal cord injury and other activities of the Paraple Centre. People can contribute even after the end of the live event by sending donor SMS in the form of DMS PARAPLE 30, DMS PARAPLE 60 or DMS PARAPLE 90 to the number 87 777 or by sending funds to the account no. 932932932/0300.