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DB Schenker has been cooperating with the Paraple Centre for 15 years. It supported the Centre at StarDance with 300,000 CZK

The logistics company DB Schenker is a long-term partner of the Paraple Centre. It has been cooperating with this public benefit company for 15 years, which is exactly half of its activity on the Czech market. Over the years, DB Schenker has been helping materially and financially. Most recently, it has contributed 300,000 CZK as part of Saturday's StarDance benefit evening broadcast by the Czech Television.

The sixth gala evening of the StarDance dance program belonged to the Paraple Centre. Both representatives of the Paraple Centre and its long-standing partners met in the audience. Ján Lipták, CEO of DB Schenker, who handed over the financial amount of CZK 300,000, was also among them. DB Schenker has been a proud partner of the Paraple Centre for 15 years and they have experienced a lot together in such a long period of time. 

“The Paraple Centre is important to us as a reminder of what is really essential in life. That there are other values ​​than the company's profit, turnover, number of warehouses and shipments shipped. We are very happy because of our cooperation. Over the years, we have participated in and joined a lot of events, activities and projects. We have met a large number of great people, led by Mr. Svěrák, and we have learned a lot about life and ourselves. The connection with the Paraple Centre is a great pleasure for us,” describes Martin Bacílek, Marketing Manager of DB Schenker. 

Logistics for Paraple

In addition to financial donations and participation in charities, DB Schenker also helps through what it does best, namely by providing logistics services. In 2017, for example, DB Schenker helped with the transport of two wheelchair exercise machines. The machines were transported from Finland to the Czech Republic and subsequently to the garden of the rehabilitation centre in Prague. Weight training machines are used for weightlifting and help wheelchair users to strengthen their back and pectoral muscles, shoulders, trapezoids or triceps. Every year, the company also provides the centre with the necessary transport of larger material within the Czech Republic. 

“We are always happy to support the Paraple Centre, both financially and through logistics services. As part of our corporate values, we strive to help where it is needed. In recent years, we have contributed a total of over CZK 4 million to the operation of the Centre. Thanks to our cooperation, we got to know the Centre as a high-quality, client-oriented facility which, thanks to its professional, friendly and positive environment, strives to change the lives of its clients for the better and in many cases bring them back to life,” adds Tomáš Holomoucký, CEO of DB Schenker.

Sport for a good cause

DB Schenker has been and continues to be involved in many events, such as the corporate relay Run Tour in support of the Paraple Centre. The employees formed several four-member teams and in Stromovka they competed with another 850 relays while running at a distance of 4x5 km. And because the DB Schenker employees are active, they have been volunteering for the organization and logistics of the traditional Paraple Run for more than 10 years. In addition to participating in the run itself, they help with the construction, program and cleaning after the event. For many years, the logistics company has also been involved in a charity golf tournament of which it is a partner. 

Charity in pandemic times

Beneficial companies and non-profit organizations found themselves in a difficult situation during the pandemic. They had to invest in a lot of protective equipment and at the same time discontinue charity events. Even at this time, DB Schenker remained a reliable partner of the Paraple Centre and has always been looking for new ways to help it. It thus has contributed by purchasing promotional items which the Paraple Centre used for its needs or as another source of income to ensure its operation.