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DB Schenker helps out with Cleaning up the Czech Republic – both in the field and in its logistics facilities

As is now a tradition, volunteers from the DB Schenker logistics company have assisted in the nationwide environmental scheme Let's Clean up the Czech Republic. During one weekend afternoon, they managed to collect several hundred kilos of plastic waste, glass, cans, textiles and much more from the countryside around Prague, Plzeň and Liberec. Besides the actual clean-up work, DB Schenker also handled the logistics for the work materials for more than 500 cleaning groups throughout the Czech Republic from its warehouse in Pardubice.

DB Schenker employees regularly volunteer to take part in the nationwide environmental scheme Let's Clean up the Czech Republic working directly out in the field. "The nature around us will undoubtedly appreciate every helping hand we can give in schemes such as Let's Clean up the Czech Republic. I'd therefore like to thank all the employees and their families who went out to clean up on Saturday, and especially the entire Pardubice team, who for the second time this year were in charge of preparing the packages for volunteers throughout the country," says Tomáš Holomoucký, director of DB Schenker in the Czech Republic.

The material for the Let's Clean up the Czech Republic and Let's Clean up the World schemes was until recently stored and distributed from the DB Schenker centre in Blučina near Brno. For operational reasons, colleagues from Pardubice, the largest DB Schenker warehouse in the Czech Republic, have taken up the relay baton since last year. In the weeks before the event, they prepared more than 500 packages of work gloves, rubbish bags and other necessary material for distribution.

The next Let's Clean up the Czech Republic event will be held on 2 April 2022 and volunteers from DB Schenker will definitely be there in the fight against illegal dumps and mess.